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Since beginning the Study Abroad Blog in the fall of 2012, we've followed our students around the world! Click the name of the student below to be redirected to their entries from their studies and travels abroad.

Spring 2016

Argentina (Christine)

Christine Drew '17 is a International Relations and Spanish double major from Barrington, New Hampshire. Christine will be studying abroad for the spring semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina with International Studies Abroad.

I have known I wanted to study abroad since my freshman year at Saint Anselm College. Knowing that we have the ability to emerge ourselves in a culture entirely different from our own seems like an experience that cannot be missed. I also love to travel and am so fortunate for the ease and vast array of program opportunities that made the hardest decision not “if to go” but “where” I should go!

France (Erica)

Erica Hudson '18 is an International Relations & French major from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Erica will be studying abroad for the spring semester in Grenoble, France with AIFS.

I decided to study abroad because I want to broaden my view of the world. While studying international relations, it is essential to be able to view the world from the perspective of different cultures. Additionally, I’m hoping to improve my French, specifically conversational skills. And of course, the travel opportunities are endless J

Italy (Jamie)

Jamie Dulac '17 is a Communication major and Web Design minor from Portland, Maine. Jamie will be studying in Florence, Italy with API.

I hope that while I am abroad, I can become completely assimilated into the Italian Culture. I hope to expand my worldview and learn the Italian language better. I also hope create lasting connections with the local community and the other students I travel with.

Fall 2015

France (Brad)

Italy (Melissa)

Melissa Prest '17 is a Criminal Justice major from Leicester, Massachusetts. Melissa will be studying in Rome, Italy with API.

I want to experience as many cultures as I possibly can. This might be the only chance I get to see a bigger piece of the world and the people that live in it. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about myself and grow. I want to become a more independent person who is not afraid to try new and daring things.

Summer 2015

Costa Rica (Brenda)

Brenda Keys ’17 is a Nursing and Spanish major from Sciuate, Massachusetts. Brenda will be studying abroad for the summer in San Jose, Costa Rica with International Studies Abroad.

One main goal of mine is to improve my Spanish fluency in the medical field. I have been studying Spanish for nine years but I have not had a lot of opportunities to learn medical Spanish besides taking one course this past semester at Saint A's. I would really love to improve my Spanish medical vocabulary because it will be extremely useful in my future career as a nurse. As nurses, we come in contact with our patients during some of the most difficult times in their lives and to be able to communicate with a patient in their native language can provide another level of comfort during their stay. Imagine being sick in a hospital surrounded by a language you do not understand…pretty scary! With a rapidly increasing Spanish-speaking population in the United States, I hope that my time abroad will enable me to utilize Spanish with my patients.

Spring 2015

England (Liz)

Elizabeth Torrey '17 is a Communication major from Westbrook, Maine. Liz will be studying in London with Arcadia University.

I decided to study abroad for two main reasons. First, I spoke to some professionals in the Communications field during my senior year of high school and they all told me that studying abroad is an amazing thing to have on your resume when applying for a job. My second and perhaps more important reason is that I may never have the chance to go to London again. I’ve always wanted to go and can do so during college with no huge disruptions to my life and for less money out of my own pocket than it would cost when I’m out on my own.

Spain (Nicole)

Nicole Rugan '16 is a Natural Science major / Spanish minor from Chelsea, Maine. Nicole will be studying in Granada with ISA.

I hope to be fluent in Spanish when I get back. I would not be happy with myself if I spent four years minoring in a language and could not even speak it. I am excited for the experience of living with a host family, learning their customs, and meeting new friends (American and Spanish). I also want to take full advantage of how easily it is to travel in Europe and hope to see as much as I can in and outside of Spain. Lastly, I am excited train for Field Hockey while I am studying abroad. I have found a club right outside of Granada that I plan on playing with while I am over there.

Fall 2014

Spain (Dan)

Daniel Peltier '16 is a Criminal Justice and Spanish double-major from Leicester, Mass. Dan will be studying in Sevilla with International Studies Abroad.

I'm going abroad because I have always wanted to travel and see the world. I also wanted to study abroad because it will be a unique experience that will completely take me out of my comfort zone and be an experience that I'm sure I will never forget. I hope to travel as much as possible and to really immerse myself in the culture in Spain. I also hope to increase my fluency in Spanish while abroad. I'm working towards a double-major in Spanish, and will be able to take most of my required courses in Spain and be immersed in the language and culture while doing so.

Wales (Brianne)

Brianne Carroll '16 is a biology major from Canton, Mass. Bri will be studying in Wales with Arcadia.

I hope I meet a bunch of new people from all different parts of the world and all walks of life. It would be cool to make strong friendships and be able to come back and visit those friends. I also hope to travel and see other countries besides Wales.

Spring 2014

China (Kelly)

Kelly Flathers '15 is a international relations major from Plaistow, N.H. Kelly will be studying in Shanghai with The Education Abroad Network.

I signed up for Chinese on a whim my freshman year and fell in love with the language and culture. I knew that I wanted to study abroad ever since high school so after taking those language courses the obvious choice was China! Professor Baudot suggested studying abroad for a full year instead of one semester and I’m so happy that I did- I’m definitely not ready to leave just yet. So, here I am!

Spain (Kayla)

Kayla Shannon '15 is a mathematics major from Plymouth, Mass. Kayla will be studying in Sevilla with International Studies Abroad.

I chose this particular program for two main reasons. First off, I will begin my time in Spain with a Spanish immersion program. I really wanted an immersion course so that I may be more acclimated to the language before the hustle and bustle of classes begins and before I start to settle in. And secondly, with this particular program, I will have a two hour a week internship in a local school.  At Saint Anselm College I have both volunteered at the local schools and have really enjoyed it. The fact that this program allows me to continue doing something I love made my choice an easy one.

Thailand and Vietnam (Basirat)

Basirat Sanni '15 is a sociology major from Providence, R.I. Basirat will be studying with the Education Abroad Network.

It’s always been a dream of mine to travel, especially to Asia. And when I found out about studying abroad, I thought it was best to try out the opportunity now to prepare me for the future. I’ve recently considered teaching English abroad after college so I think this would help give me a taste of what to expect. Also, I think it’s better this way because I will be going to school in these countries and I get more out of it rather than mere leisure traveling.

Fall 2013

China (Megan)

Meagan Trayers '15 is an economics major from Hastings, Minnesota. Meagan will be studying in Beijing with The Education Abroad Network.

New Zealand (Kathryn)

Kathryn Sheldon '15 is a psychology major from Windham, New Hampshire. Kathryn will be studying in Dunedin, New Zealand with The Education Abroad Network.

While abroad, I hope to explore as much of the South Pacific area as my university and wallet will allow. Prior to arriving at the University of Otago on the South Island, my study abroad program took a pre-orientation excursion to the beautiful islands of Fiji as well as to Auckland on the Northern Island of New Zealand. I hope to explore as much of New Zealand as possible and hopefully still have time to make it over to Australia.

Summer 2013

France (Martha)

Martha Horton '15 is a communication major from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Martha will be studying in Paris, France with API.

U.K. (Dylan)

Dylan Lindholm '14 is a history major (English literature and forensic science minor) from Watertown, Massachusetts. Dylan will be studying in Cambridge, U.K. with UNH and the University of Cambridge.

I love traveling. I have a very long list of places to visit in my lifetime, but England has been number one on the list for quite a while. Study abroad isn’t a vacation; okay, there will be some relaxing and exploring and entertainment, but it’s also a chance to practice what I’ve learned in all of my history classes. I’m going to be standing in all the places I’ve read about and learned about and thought about. Sometimes, too, I’ll be standing somewhere completely new, and that’s part of the fun.

Spring 2013

Austria (Sean)

Sean Connolly '14 is a history/secondary education major from Cumberland, Rhode Island. Sean will be studying in Salzburg, Austria with AIFS.

I’m hoping that I will be able to learn a lot about the Austrian history and culture. Austria has a very interesting spot in history, as it is one of the last ruling dynasties in Europe until 1914. After this great period of time, the country was stuck in a complacent position, as Germany waged two global wars that would eclipse their identity. In many ways, ever since World War II, Austria has struggled with their identity at times, as most elders are often ashamed of having sided with Hitler’s cause. For me, this will be very interesting to observe when looking at how younger Austrians view their country’s history compared to their predecessors.

U.K. (Sean)

Sean Curtis '14 is a international relations major from Corinth, New York. Sean will be studying in London with API at the University of London: School of Oriental and African Studies.

Morocco (Abigail)

Abigail Krusemark '14 is an International Relations major from Kansas City, Missouri. Abigail will be studying in Meknes, Morocco during the spring semester. Abby spent the fall in Brussels Belgium, with a brief return to the States over the Christmas holiday.

I’ve always been a traveler. My family took several European vacations when I was younger and I caught the bug. I hope to have more experiences like the disgust I felt at seeing my first monkfish in a Norwegian fish market at age 7. (If you don’t know what a monkfish is, don’t Google it). Cultural experiences like this took me entirely out of my sleepy Midwestern comfort zone and gave me new realities to comprehend about other people living in different parts of the world. I want to study abroad for the experiences that challenge the way I look at people, places, (and fish!).

South Africa (Katie)

Katie Williams '14 is an international relations major from Damariscotta, Maine. Katie will be studying in Stellenbosch, South Africa with AIFS.

I always knew that I wanted to go abroad during my years at college.  I am fortunate enough to have parents who thought that it was very important for my two brothers and I to see the world beyond small town Maine and have traveled all around the US and visited several European countries with family.  I have also been able to travel throughout South France, Monaco and Spain with the Saint Anselm College choir.  I love seeing new sights, learning about the history of the place I am visiting and experiencing an entirely new culture and people.  The combination of traveling and learning (and receiving credit) at the same time seemed like a no brainer!

Fall 2012

Argentina (Jordan)

Jordan Roberts '14 is a Spanish major from North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Jordan was studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Latin American Studies, ISA.

Belgium (Abigail)

Abigail Krusemark '14 is an International Relations major from Kansas City, Missouri. Abigail studied in Brussels, Belgium.

I wanted a traditional European study abroad experience in a city that wasn’t too touristy. Brussels seems like the right fit for me: It’s the de facto capital of the European Union, French is one of three official languages, and it’s supposed to have great chocolate. It’s also not too far from Paris, Amsterdam, and London. Vesalius College, where I’ll be attending the International Relations and Communications semester, is a small liberal arts college in the center of the city. I’ll be taking classes on the European Union, art history, and international business –great for an IR major!

Spain (Grace)

Grace Keating '14 is a politics major (pursuing a minor in Spanish) from Cumberland, Rhode Island. Grace spent her fall semester in Seville, Spain with Academic Programs International.

Since I was young, I have loved to travel and knew a long while before going to college that I wanted to study abroad. Once I came to college, it was only a matter of deciding where to go. Because I had taken Spanish throughout high school and for two years at Saint Anselm, I decided to minor in it and study somewhere Spanish-speaking.

Spain (Jessica)

Jessica Jacques '13 is a Spanish major from East Kingston, New Hampshire. Jessica studied in Granada, Spain with ISA.

I decided to study abroad because I love encountering different cultures and people, also for me studying abroad was really a dream that I never thought possible. Also, my plan for the future is to be a Spanish teacher and so I really wanted the experience to grow in my skills in Spanish and where better to do that then in Spain?