A Glimpse of Aix

Bonjour from Aix en Provence, France! The first half of the semester has absolutely flown by, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. My time in France this semester has been challenging but rewarding in ways I never knew possible. I’ve loved exploring Aix en Provence this semester and discovering its small town charm. Here are a few of my favorite things about Aix:

The markets: every other day Aix en Provence hosts five grand markets that are spread all over town. Here you can find local fruits and vegetables (some of the best produce I’ve ever eaten!), meats, French cheeses, lavender products (famous from this region), flowers, soaps, clothes, accessories, pottery, baskets, books, and everything else you can imagine. The markets are always full of color and energy. It’s a great place to walk around, people-watch, and learn the local customs.

Pottery Stalls at the Aix Market

Pottery stalls at the Aix market.

The cafes: Aix is home to some of the cutest and coziest cafes I’ve ever been to. There’s one café in particular, called Coco-Boheme, where I love to go on chilly afternoons for a cup of tea while I do my homework. They have over 50 blends of tea to choose from, so it’s fun to try new kinds each time I go. They also make delicious homemade cookies and chocolate fondue (with fresh fruits and marshmallows). Another one of my favorite cafés is called the Book in Bar. This café is filled with all sorts of books in every language imaginable and are free for you to use while you’re there. It’s a great place to grab a warm drink and a nice book (in my native language!) to spend a lazy afternoon.

The large variety of people: Although Aix is fairly small, it is home to several universities that host both local French and foreign students. Many of the universities here are popular choices for politics and business students. Therefore, I have had the pleasure this semester of not only meeting local French and fellow American students, but also students from all over the world. I’ve met students from Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, China, Sweden, Columbia, and many other countries. I love being able to converse with people from different backgrounds and to learn from new perspectives from them.

  • StudyOverseasGuide

    Great article! It's nice to know that you are meeting so many students and that you are enjoying your experience.

    I often write to students about study abroad opportunities in France but not exactly sure how student housing works outside the larger cities. Is it provided by the university or do students have to find private housing options?

    Thank you for telling your study! I look forward to reading more.