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Whew! I cannot believe that it has now been more than three weeks since I have arrived in Granada! Since then so much has happened- much more than I could remember to tell now so I am going to highlight everything.

I have had a wonderful experience staying in a homestay, with a host family. I have a roommate, Viviana who is from Texas (and also a native Spanish speaker). My host family is wonderful. I live with a Señora and her husband and her four children ( ages 26, 21, and twins 15 years old). Living with this family for three weeks has been a really helpful way of learning to adjust to the Spanish culture and also with learning the colloquial Spanish here. Sometimes the twin girls ask us for help with their English homework and then they help us with our Spanish homework. My host family really takes care of us though and they even surprised us by celebrating our birthdays (Viviana's was the 29th of August and mine is the 13 of Feburary, so I would not have celebrated it here). Our Señora made us a paella ( a traditional Spanish dish of seafood and rice) and then a chocolate cake. It was different but delicious but the best part of everything was that they even sang happy birthday to us.



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