The Coolest Sunday of My Life

Yesterday my political partner in crime, Niles Harris, and I had the amazing opportunity to go hear Hillary Clinton speak in support of the women running for the Democratic party in New Hampshire.

Not only did we get to hear her speak (which was life changing), but on the car ride back, we got a phone call from our friend, Mike, a field campaign manager.

He told us to get to the Puritan Backroom (awesome restaurant in Manchester) ASAP….and that's when this photo was taken.

Niles, Maddy and Mrs. Clinton

Coolest moment ever.

Teammates to Coworkers

About a month ago at my internship, my boss informed me that we would have a new marketing director named Catherine. This went in one ear and out the other for me, and I continued scribbling down notes and glancing at the lunch menu.

A former teammate, now my coworkerA week later, one of my favorite Saint A's alums comes barreling through the front door and announced herself as the new marketing director ! It was my good friend and old dance teammate, Catherine!

Not only was I excited that I was going to get to work with a great friend of mine, but it was also so cool to see Saint A's alumni out in the work force!

This photo is of us goofing off at the Granite State Mic Awards, we had fun as teammates, but I think we have even more fun as co-workers.

Grit, Grace & Tests

Just a regular day at Saint A's Dance team practice….who says you can't do two things at once? Not us, we as a team, have found that by having a busy schedule you are actually able to structure your time better!

And sometimes, when you get a little overwhelmed, there is no shame in bringing your study guide to warm ups.

Studying at Dance Team practice

Second City comes to Saint Anselm College !

I just thought on this Monday I would share something that is happening at Saint Anselm College that I could not be more excited about, and that is that Second City is coming to Saint A's!

The Second CitySecond City is an improv theatre troupe based out of Chicago, and many of the cast members have gone on to work on Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows.

The reason I am so excited about this is because not only is Saturday Nigh Live my favorite show, but it also what I am writing my thesis about. I have been known to stop whatever I am doing on a Saturday and take an hour hiatus, go watch the episode, and then continue on.

I am so excited to not only watch these upcoming actors, but to also be able to incorporate them into my thesis. So, thanks Saint Anselm College, for bringing this to campus, and a HUGE thank you for allowing me to do research while attending an awesome on-campus event.

Well, It's Monday….

Today is a super Monday. Today has been just about as Monday as it gets. I woke up late, I got back a Spanish test that I didn't do so hot on, and even though it is a beautiful Fall day, I am confident that I could go back to bed and sleep until about 6 p.m. It's really, really a Monday.  A few minutes ago I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and came across one from the last week of school when I was here working with the Transitions Pre-Orientation Program. Transitions is a program created by the Multicultural Center that allows students to come before the regular orientation program starts and spend a little extra time on campus making connections and familiarizing themselves with their new home.

My group and I spent an afternoon painting walls at a homeless outreach center in downtown Manchester on our day of service. The picture that I came across was one of a quote that I had painted on a wall that said "Believe in yourself a little more," with two hand prints of the people I had worked with on the wall. Instantly, I got over my Monday attitude. Memories of that day filled my head and I started laughing to myself about how much fun that day had been, and how humbling it was. I was grateful for the chance to be part of the transitions program, and also grateful that Saint A's had provided me with such an amazing experience. A Monday, will always be a Monday, but there is something special about a Saint A's Monday.