About Karina deBrum '15

Karina deBrum ’15 is a Sociology major (with a Fine Arts minor) from Lana’i City, Hawaii. Karina is president of the Multicultural Student Coalition, the vice president of Quatrain, a member of Lubrications, and a Resident Advisor in Joan of Arc Hall.

Family Weekend

It was Family Weekend this weekend! I had family come up and visit: three cousins, aged 8, 10 and 12, and my aunt and uncle. We ate apple cider donuts, watched the volleyball game, caught the Family Weekend show, (it was hysterical!) and posed for pictures with Saint Anselm.

This was all the idea of the kids, I had to stop a passing resident to borrow a book. they even showed me how to add filters to my camera… children and technology… anyway, I had a blast this weekend it's always nice to share your life and what school is to you with your family.

Taking a photo with the statue of Saint Anselm on the Quad

College Break Adventures

Something that I always heard people talk about was the crazy trips and adventures people had on breaks during college. Not that I have gone bungee jumping off of bridges or anything. But I had QUITE the 4-day weekend…

Meow!I played with my cousin's baby. LOVE HER. I saw my best friend, MISS HER! We went to a Renaissance Faire. It was great, I was tied into a corset. It was surprisingly comfortable. We took her cat for a walk outside. Pumpkin (the cat) thought it was FANTASTIC.

She ate a lot of grass, it was weird. I saw the baby again. Then I drove back to campus. I clocked over 400 miles this weekend, people. Word to the wise: Don't plan to get a whole lot of homework done over breaks if you are one who likes to see people and do things and makes plans a lot.

Plan to not do any homework and have a really busy short week at school instead… I mean it's your choice. Just don't disappoint yourself.

Hardest lesson to learn in college is how to not lie to yourself about how lazy you really and truly are. ;P It's not that bad. don't worry.

The best thing to know is how you work best and make your life/plans work around that.

Finals week

Although finals themselves can be rather stressful, I love finals week. There are fewer things you have to do – besides study, of course. Like  last night, I hosted a study break. Really, I just like baking and use residents as an excuse, but I mean, everyone needs a warm cookie at 10 pm halfway through finals to keep their spirits up. And even if it's not good for them, its good for their soul. And, so that is what I do, bake things for people so that they can eat their feelings and sleep with a little love to help them through. I believe this is my last post for the year. :( I will be back. dun Dun DUN. No but really, I will be back in August, until then, HAPPY SUMMER!

The end is near!

We are almost at the end of the year! Today is the last day of classes for the semester! Granted, there is a lot to be done before now and summertime. But hey, summer is almost here, and you know what, the sun is wonderful. It is awesome. Exams are tiring, and stressful. Granted, they are intimidating. Everyone is a little stressed, but hey, it is a fun time of year. There are a lot of activities on campus. I also hope, that you plan early for moving out. Check the exam schedules, make sure your parents or whomever is helping you move out, knows when you are supposed to be picked up… and then PACK SLOWLY, with care, and CLEAN. There is a lot to do. You can manage, we all do.

Back At School

Hi! It is so good to be back on campus! I had a crazy summer; I stayed in Massachusetts with my grandma. We had a grand old time – there were all sorts of visitors and family. I worked three jobs, so that was fun. I learned that I did not want to be an elementary school teacher. I also learned a LOT about Atlantic Ocean creatures and critters. I know anything you want to know about the New England Quahog, blue muscles, Spider Crabs, and more. Ask me about it. Over all, it was a nice summer. I came back early for more heartwarming, blood-pumping, bond-building RA  (Resident Advisor) training. Our theme for the training this year was the Lego Movie, there was even a photo contest. This was my entry.

Anyway, it is great to be back on campus. A new round of first-year students to mentor, new professors to learn from, and big decisions to make. Yay senior year! Ok, time to actually do some homework, my first essay of the semester is due tomorrow. (O.o)

When You're Almost Done

The last few weeks of classes always end up being stressful, projects, homework, finals, papers, blah blah blah, and the weather never helps. It is gorgeous out and all you want to do is sleep in the sun, play Frisbee, skate board, smell the roses. or the blossoms, the tree outside of Dana is blooming, one of my favorite parts of campus. It is SO fragrant and pretty and chill. You just want to sit and soak it all in. I mean the sun shining, the breeze blowing… What is homework? It's important. Don't forget to do it. But don't forget to relax either. It is crucial to decompress as we head into finals, and it is easier to do with such great weather to pull us out of our brick caves. So enjoy this wonderful picture of one of my favorite spots on campus. lying on the bench looking at the tree blossoms, and get some work done!

Last Weeks of School

In the last few weeks of school (like the last 3 weeks) as in every semester you feel the rush of having final projects and papers and finals, and everything all at once. Pace yourself. Map out the last few days of school plan ahead when you need to study for tests or quizzes, when you can meet for group projects. Eat chocolate, go for a walk. It is gorgeous outside, all you will want to do is play. Don't hide and deny yourself a little fun. sit in the grass and read, play Frisbee, scooter or skateboard around a little. You hiding inside form the sun and the fun is hurting more than helping your ability to study, trust me on that one. But think about it. if you take out the Netflix you've been watching to play outside and then get your homework done, you can still manage your life pretty well, just a thought. I know it's hard. Don't think you are the only one in misery, the entire student body is right there with you. so share your misery and some laughs, team up to study, make plans for the summer, and as my favorite philosopher says "Just keep swimming!" -Dory.

Staying Healthy

Sooooo in the changing seasons, there tend to be a few sicknesses. Dorm living in any school is just about the same. A bunch of gangly, misfit, awkward, adolescent, young adults crammed into a brick vault… doesn't  sound pretty. I know. It gets a little messy in here. When there are sicknesses, (most recently a stomach bug) it spreads like wildfire. Drink lots of fluids, wash your hands, sheets, have some vitamin C, it's rough. Cleaning supplies, are important. Have some disinfectant spray, a kind heart, a lot of patience, some comfort food on stash you never know what could happen. :( It's sad. It's scary. So get lot's of fresh air, be active! So be happy and excited for college, stay healthy and be awesome!

Care Packages

HI! I feel like it has been forever since I blogged… I mean, not much has happened, I do homework, go to class, eat food, sleep, work, bake cupcakes… you know, the usual.

I got a wonderful package from home, I cannot stress how smart an idea it is to leave a list of things you love from home so that your family has stuff (snacks, games, books, lottery tickets, newspaper, whatever) to send you. Especially stuff that you can only get in your area, or that your family makes. My grandma sent me homemade coconut cookies from Hawaii one time. It was HEAVEN. So packages from home, preferable with a note from family, even a one-liner, is always awesome.

My printmaking professor has insisted on putting together an art show of my classes work, so I'm like all fancy now, my art is in a gallery, oooh la la! Haha, it is really cool to see stuff that I have been working on go up  on a wall and look like legit pieces of art. these are a few pieces that I have made. I really love my printmaking class, it's a chance to chill and play around.

Anyway, that's all I have for now, maybe something crazy will happen over the next few days, like a cow grazing in our quad or Selena Gomez doing a surprise performance… I don't know, it's just something to say… :)

Being Social

Although St. A's is right next to Manchester, not many people take advantage of this and go exploring. But there are things to do on campus, don't you worry. Student Activities does a good job of offering up activities on weekends and evenings. RA's hold programs for people to get to and enjoy, and with a little creativity you and your friends can have a great time. We have Nerf gun wars, movie nights, we play board games (Cards Against Humanity is a favorite). This weekend, my friend was feeling sick and so we all watched movies and drank tea. Some weekends are mellower than others. But basically, if you come into school thinking that it's boring and that there is nothing to do you will be miserable.  No one is going to hand you a magic wand that will bring you endless entertainment without any effort on your part. So keep smiling, keep trying, and stay awesome. :)