About Catherine Muldoon '17

Catherine Muldoon โ€™17 is a Chemistry major from Rockaway Park, New York. Catherine is eager to begin her Saint Anselm College career and hopes to become actively involved with the Meelia Center for Community Engagement and the Abbey Players, among many other campus organizations.

A New Hampshire Road Trip!

This weekend, two of my friends from high school made the five-hour drive to come visit me! On Saturday morning I got the long-awaited phone call from my friend, Caitlin, asking which way to turn onto campus. I haven't had any visitors from home besides my immediate family so far, which made the trip even more exciting.

Friends visiting campus!First we had lunch in Davison, and my friends couldn't stop raving about the food (They'll have to come back on a weekday for action station sometime!). I then got to give the full campus tour and show them around. Both of my friends go to Molloy College in New York City, so it was really cool to see the similarities and differences between the schools.

Once nighttime came, we ventured out to Coppal House Farm in Lee, NH. A few times during the fall season, the farm hosts a flashlight corn maze. Once you find your way through the entire maze, you receive apple cider and doughnuts at the end. There was also a bonfire and the farm's store was open to buy eggs, fresh produce, pumpkins, and more. I'd definitely recommend a trip there before autumn ends! After that, we drove to my favorite restaurant in the area, La Carreta, for some awesome Mexican food.

On Sunday, we explored the area a little more, took a much appreciated Walmart trip, and then had dinner in the Coffee Shop. This weekend was a blast and I'm so thankful that my high school friends made the drive to come visit.

Late night Ice Cream Runs!

With midterms quickly approaching, the workload is definitely picking up.

One of my favorite parts of going to a school with so much community is that when you're stuck in the science building (Goulet) until who knows when, there will always be someone else doing the same exact thing.

Ice cream sundaes at the coffee shopStudying is part of college, it's a fact.

But, late night ice cream runs to the Coffee Shop with other science majors make the whole thing a lot more fun.

Thank you C-shop for getting us through the week once again!

Go Hawks! Saint A's Alumni Weekend

4-0 for the first time! This weekend, our football team played Pace University and, as my high school principal used to say, "emerged victoriously." I had so much fun cheering on our team.

The view from Grappone Stadium at Saturday's gameAnother great part of this weekend was catching up with some friends who graduated last year and came back to visit. Watching new graduates get out there and succeed so quickly is very inspiring. I can't help but share some of their accomplishments with you:

Ann Lehto '14 started working at Massachusetts General Hospital this month and is loving it! Ann drives from New Hampshire into Massachusetts and then takes the train to the hospital each day. She told me about how she finds hospital research intriguing and really appreciates the opportunity to interact with patients. Ann hopes to be a doctor herself and has already sent out her medical school applications. I have no doubt that she'll continue to shine and do wonderful things on whichever path life takes her.

I also got to see Alexandra Lagoutis '14 who will begin working at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut within the next few weeks. Alex will be working on a cardiovascular floor and will train for the first 6 months with a nurse who's already been working at Yale. There's also another Saint Anselm nurse who is starting at Yale this fall, and they can't wait to take what they've learned at SAC and work as nurses together.

Though I did not get to see her this weekend, I have to also share some of the achievements of Katharine Lunny '14 while I'm at it. I met Katharine last year in the chemistry department and because we have the same name, we soon became known as "Katharine with a K" and "Catherine with a C" to tell us apart. Katharine recently moved across the country to San Diego where she is beginning her graduate school career in Physical Chemistry on a Ph.D. track. She's been keeping me updated about all different things ranging from placement tests to life in California and I always look forward to it.

These are just some of the things that Saint A's alum doing now, and I feel really lucky to have gotten to know them last year. I can't wait to hear more about what Ann, Alex, and Katharine are up to! Saint Anselm truly has amazing alumni and I look forward to meeting more grads in the future.

Academic Convocation

This Friday, I got to do something really awesome. Because this year marks the 125th Anniversary of Saint Anselm College, an academic convocation was held to officially mark the beginning of the year. The choir was invited to sing at the convocation, so I had the honor of attending and singing.

Getting ready to sing with the choir!Father Mark Massa S.J. is a Dean and Professor of Church History at Boston College, and came to Saint A's as the guest speaker for this event.

All of our professors dressed in their own academic caps and gowns for the ceremony, and our president, Dr. DiSalvo, also spoke while Fr. Cecil began the ceremony with a blessing.

While we all sat and listened to each speaker, I felt like I was taking part in a historical event of the college.

The opportunities that this place provides never cease to amaze me!

Back on campus

It's so great to be home! I didn't know what it would be like coming back to Saint A's for the first time to start my Sophomore year, but I have to say that it's been more than I could've ever hoped for. Some things are new like courses, where I'm living, and the addition of the class of 2018, and I've loved the start of a new experience. But mostly, the beginning of this year has been full of lots of "welcome back" greetings and familiar aspects of Saint A's that immediately reminded me of how much I've missed this place. It's been wonderful to hear about how everyone's summer was and catch up with friends and professors from last year. This year I'm living in Breck House which is really different from the typical college style dorm. There are two floors with about 5 rooms on each, with a cozy basement to hang out or do homework in. I really love the environment and community. There's a picture above to show you what it looks like. So, if you couldn't already tell, I'm more excited than ever to be back. Can't wait to share my Sophomore year with all of you!

Ski Trip To Vermont

One of the great things about living in New England is the location's accessibility to both mountains AND beaches, in the same place. This year, I've gone zip lining in the mountains, visited a beach in Maine, and went skiing in Vermont. Outdoor adventures are offered often and some popular trips include hiking, snow / water tubing, snow shoeing, and so much more. I love that these trips are offered because it's definitely different from life in NYC.

One night at dinner, my friend told us that her parents had invited a group of us to their condo in Vermont to go skiing for the weekend. After a few weeks of preparation, we were all set and six of us freshman girls took a road trip to Vermont! This weekend was definitely one of my favorites so far at college. We had such a blast going out to dinner together, warming up in the lodge between ski runs and helping one another to put the skis on right. Speaking of helping one another, I have to say that the true Anselmian spirit was shown to me on this trip. I've been skiing before, but lets just say that I got a little bit nervous when we arrived at the top of the mountain…Thankfully, my friends were amazing in helping me to relax and then successfully ski down the whole way. This was such a huge victory and I know that I couldn't have done it without them! One piece of advice that I have for anyone coming to Saint A's is to take advantage of the beautiful areas that surround this place. Venturing off campus to explore different parts of New England with friends is something that I know I won't ever forget.

Meeting Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Saint Anselm College students with U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen at Moore Mart in Nashua, NHWhile we were working at Moore Mart, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire came by to help out as well. I thought that it was awesome to meet a United States Senator, and that it was great that she came to help out. One of the women who works in Senator Shaheen's office was a Saint Anselm grad. I love it when I get to see what the graduates are doing now, especially when it's something that they love. All of the politics majors were so excited about this. Once in a lifetime opportunities happen all the time at Saint A's, its really true!

I really encourage you to take a look at Moore Mart and support this great organization. They've even expanded their goals to shipping new school supplies, toys, and outerwear to the local children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Moore Mart

Saint Anselm College students at Moore Mart in NashuaAbout a month ago, I signed up to go with some other SGA members to Moore Mart. I knew that we would be volunteering, but really nothing else about it. So, on Friday we piled into my friend's car and drove off to Nashua (a town close by). On the way there, my classmates explained exactly what we'd be doing, which was helping to make care packages of necessary supplies for soldiers serving in Iraq.

When we arrived, we were given such a warm welcome. The founder of this organization, Paul Moore, came over and shook each of our hands. Everyone there knew of Saint A's and said that they were happy to have us on board. Then, everybody got to work. My first job was to count out oatmeal and hot chocolate packets, while everybody around me was working together to pack and sort supplies from tooth brushes to hand written letters and everything in between. There was no time to mess around. We all were determined to accomplish this task and at the end of the night, everything was prepared to be packaged for the next day. I'm so excited for the soldiers to receive their packages!

Volunteering at Moore Mart with the Saint A's student government was an amazing experience. I also met some volunteers from high schools in the area, as well as adults who had just come out to support a great cause. During this experience, I really felt like a part of the New Hampshire community. Moore Mart happens three times a year, and I can't wait to go back at Christmas time to do it all over again.

Class Council Dinner with Dean Finn

One of the best things about this school is how much the faculty members care about their students. I always used to hear things like, "Oh, in college you're just a number. Professors won't know your name usually." It made the whole thing seem scary. However, I've found that here at Saint A's its the opposite.

In every class so far, my professors have addressed me by name and it is a really great feeling, especially when you are away from home for the first time. Your advisors and professors are also a great resource for help with assignments or guidance about majors/career planning, and all of them have specific office hours where you can go to meet if you need to. My chemistry professor and work study advisor Dr. Eyet always has a big bowl of candy in her office too, which is also a definite plus. Overall, getting to know your professors while at SAC is a great advantage of a smaller sized college and is something that I think everyone should do.

Now, back to the title after that long (but important) tangent. I mentioned a while back that I am a part of the Student Government and that each class has their own council made up of a President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. We have meetings once to twice a week and work on different projects that range from community service to class unity. The advisor of SGA is the dean of students, Dean Alicia Finn. Because she truly wants to know everyone in the Student Government, she took our freshman class council out for dinner so that we could talk about some of our plans for the rest of the year. She also wanted to know about our majors, extracurricular activities, and how our first year on the hilltop was going so far. I even found out that she was born in Brooklyn (about five minutes from my house) and went to a high school affiliated with mine which was really awesome (The connections that you make at this place are awesome!). Our trip to the Ninety-Nine (for all of the non- New Englanders out there like me, it's similar to an Applebee's.) was a blast and I'm so thankful that Dean Finn took the the time out of her schedule to meet with us.

(Unfortunately, Dean Finn is blocked a little bit in our picture from dinner. But in the bottom half I included another SAC picture and she is the woman to the far right.)

Living and Learning with Monks

Abbot Matthew gives the humanities lecture at the Dana Center.Twice a week, the majority of the freshman class meets in the Dana Center for our humanities lecture. This week, I found the lecture to be especially interesting because we learned about the Rule of St. Benedict from Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B. Abbot is the title given to the head of the monastery and Chancellor of the College. Abbot Mark Cooper, O.S.B. recently replaced Abbot Matthew who retired last year but around here, once an Abbot, always an Abbot. The monastic community that runs our college is under the Benedictine order which makes St. Benedict a really significant person to learn about for any student at Saint Anselm College. This lecture was more than just a typical class, it really gave us an inside look at how the monks that live and work on campus spend their lives.

The Saint A's campus is so unique in that the monastic community members are a part of almost everything that we do here. You'll see them at sports events, in the cafeteria, or teaching different classes. You can easily identify them on campus not only by their long black robes, but also by friendly smiles and hospitable greetings. Truthfully, we are guests at their home and its such a great feeling to have them around. However, life inside the monastery is very different from what most of us are used to. There are no TVs, all meals are eaten in silence (with the exception of one monk reading aloud to everybody), and all of the Benedictines join together in times of prayer and silence at specific parts of the day. Several times per day on campus you'll here the church bells ringing which signifies certain calls to prayer or meditation. The bells are so beautiful to hear and my English teacher even starts and ends our class according to them at 4:00 and 5:15 each time we meet.

I love sharing our campus with the Benedictines and I'm so grateful for all of their hospitality and kindness each day. Who knew that living with monks could be so much fun! This is just another unique asset of Saint Anselm College that leads so many students to love this place. The video below with Abbot Matthew gives you a good history on the Benedictine tradition, if you're interested!