Leaving Campus

It's SPRING BREAK! It's been a long time coming. Tensions get high with midterms, Christmas Break to Spring Break is a long span with no breaks, and it's that time of year when you just want it to be spring already. There are awesome things that you can do. Choir is going to Europe. A nursing class is gong to Italy. And SBA (Spring Break Alternative) is shipping people all over the place, Colorado, Arizona, COSTA RICA. It's intense, but it's fun. I am not one for SBA. I go to see my family in Louisiana, my baby sister is in Louisiana for the year, and I get to see her! Soooo excited.

I gotta tell you though, be aware of break so it doesn't surprise you. Hall closing, requires some cleaning and organizing, some packing. And then you have your ride waiting on you,  you have midterms to finish, and you get hungry, then you just want to curl up in bed with your pet and eat homemade spaghetti, but you still have to remember your hairbrush and socks. And you forget. It happens. Sooooo think about it. Start to put stuff away in the week before hand. Breathe. Be happy. Relax. :)

About Karina deBrum '15

Karina deBrum ’15 is a Sociology major (with a Fine Arts minor) from Lana’i City, Hawaii. Karina is president of the Multicultural Student Coalition, the vice president of Quatrain, a member of Lubrications, and a Resident Advisor in Joan of Arc Hall.