Things You May Miss While at School

St. A's is ranked something like 10th in the nation for our food services. That's fantastic. I love food, I love Davison, I love the C-shop. But sometimes a kitchen and a home cooked meal with family is really what you need. I mean I love, love it. And in the dorms, it's kinda hard to cook like a beast and have fun, I mean baking is easy, and I mean not ideal, but still worth it.

So I went home this weekend to watch my little cousins, and cooking for them is hard, they are picky, but hey I could make what ever I wanted. So I made chocolate mousse, because I am cool like that. And I put serious effort into this, the hand mixer broke of it's own accord and so I whipped those egg whites by hand. Nice and fluffy and perfect. I'm sorry, that's no easy feat, especially while trying to stop the seven year old from sticking his fingers in the melted chocolate. But it's ok. The mousse was insanely good. I gotta say though, the highlight of my weekend was dinner Sunday night. We go to Grandma Gail's for dinner every Sunday. So much food. Such good food. Amazing. I love Sunday nights at home. Ten of us squeezing around a table to eat amazing food. That's what I really miss at school the food is great, the friends are fantastic, but sometimes you just want to eat nothing but a plate of mashed potatoes and caramelized onions at home. With an eleven year old, shoving asparagus up his nose next to you.

About Karina deBrum '15

Karina deBrum ’15 is a Sociology major (with a Fine Arts minor) from Lana’i City, Hawaii. Karina is president of the Multicultural Student Coalition, the vice president of Quatrain, a member of Lubrications, and a Resident Advisor in Joan of Arc Hall.