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It was great to be home for winter vacation with my family. I got to catch up with family and friends at the holidays, visit my high school, and just relax for a while. The first semester and finals ended up turning out really well for me and I even made the Dean's List for my first semester which definitely felt awesome.

But now I'm so glad to be back at Saint A's for the second semester of my freshman year. When we drove back onto campus last week, it was a great feeling. There are a lot of "new" aspects of the second semester. New classes, new schedule, new people to meet and friends to make, and just lots of new adventures that I know this semester will bring. But then there are also the familiar things that made campus so welcoming to come back to. You could definitely tell that everyone was excited to be back, and there was just such a great energy during our first week. Catching up with friends and jumping back into the routine of college life was something that I'd been looking forward to, and I really feel blessed to be a part of this community and live in such a unique and welcoming environment.

This semester I am taking General Chemistry 2, Calculus 2, Intermediate Spanish with Healthcare Applications 2, Freshman Humanities Seminar, and Irish Literature. I'll be continuing with my work study job in the Chemistry department, the choir, Student Government, Daughters of Isabella, Office of Admission blogging, and pretty much all of my activities from last semester. That being said, it is definitely going to be a busy semester, but I can't wait!

About Catherine Muldoon '17

Catherine Muldoon ’17 is a Chemistry major from Rockaway Park, New York. Catherine is eager to begin her Saint Anselm College career and hopes to become actively involved with the Meelia Center for Community Engagement and the Abbey Players, among many other campus organizations.

  • Giselle Martes

    Your mom is going to be thrilled to see you, as I'm sure you know. But you said it, this just set you up to be a lifetime world traveler. That's what did it for me but you have to have something-that you do-already inside of you to want to do that. I will be going to Prague and that area this May. It's wonderful you got to travel so much. Most of the students that went from my college stayed pretty much in the areas near Spain. Well, you have been bitten by the bug!

    I have experienced food poisoning, more than once, nearly died (or so I thought) in Italy and another time in Iran; both places I was hospitalized. Never have been victim of a crime. Being a female, and an easy target (or so they think), I was super vigilant. I was lucky, too, because those that do this for a living are very clever in the manner that they rob you. It's easy to be fooled or taken in.

    I have been to Spain many times, my son has a place in Andalucia- Marbella, but I prefer to go somewhere new each time I travel. So, other than Spain, I have not gone to too many places more than once. My next trip, after Prague, is Argentina. You see, it becomes an obsession. Since I was in my 20s, I have always been planning my next trip. I don't know if I have been trying to run away from something or find something. But you do find a lot in travelling.

    Please put on your list the Mid-East (your mom is now about to click the unfriend button), in the future. You are young; they have to calm down over there at some point.

    I highly recommend Iran, the Great Persian Empire, Persepolis and the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. Even today! John Stewart went to the Mid-East and was working on a film (Rosewater) with the Iranians and said he couldn't believe how kind and hospitable they are. To see those gorgeous Mosques and the advanced architecture from thousands of years ago, the culture-very interesting…OK…I know, I have to stop. You just can't get me started when it comes to travelling or to my son (your mom gets that) because I won't shut up.

    Do you feel more confident with your Spanish? Does this experience make you want to study other languages? I taught 3 and learned two others- I was very fluent in Persian.

    Well, I'm glad it was so positive for you, and I look forward to your mom's posts in the future and am expecting to see a whole lot of pictures of her with you upon your return. Indulge her. Not only does she love you to death and is so proud of you, she's your mom!

    Buena Suerte en el porvenir.
    No tengo ni idea de lo que pienses hacer (ser) después de graduarte de la Universidad. Sin embargo, espero que tengas un empleo que te deje viajar por el mundo. Eso sería la respuesta perfecta. Desafortunadamente, no vivimos en un mundo perfecto. ¡Felices Pascuas! GM