Back at School

It always takes a minute to get back into the school work mode. You have to remember how to fall asleep listening to your neighbor's TV. You forget how to wake up to an alarm, you have to remember how to get down the hall to the shower half asleep. But trust me, it all comes back to you.

Starting a new semester is starting a whole new chapter. It is great because you (for the most part) have new professors and classes, you get to turn a new leaf. Especially at New Year's, you have new resolutions. If you are like most people, one resolution is to go to the gym more often. If you find it hard to go to the gym anyway, you then have to add in the snow and the distance and the cold you and I both are stuck staring out the window and dying a little inside. But I have a fix for that!  DVDs! I personally have a set of work out DVDs. And so an HDMI chord to the flat screen in the basement=work out without going out! Yay! Then you can get your buddies (or in this case my residents) to join you, and viola! A workout party for everyone to suffer through together. How wonderful. And then you still have to shower and go to class and eat food but my friend, you have avoided the tundra for that much longer! You're welcome.

I think the second semester is always great because you have a feel of campus, and all the new things going on. But there is always a little twist. New classes, new schedule, new friends, new chances to do something fun. Never be afraid to branch out more second semester. Join a new club, go on a school trip, make a new friend. Classes are always a good way to make a new friend. That kid down the hall that you never really met last semester is now in your class. Can you say study buddy? Yes, yes you can.

Anyways, the new semester always brings new things, like new knowledge of your phone. I LOVE this whole play with pictures on my phone thing. It is GREAT.

About Karina deBrum '15

Karina deBrum ’15 is a Sociology major (with a Fine Arts minor) from Lana’i City, Hawaii. Karina is president of the Multicultural Student Coalition, the vice president of Quatrain, a member of Lubrications, and a Resident Advisor in Joan of Arc Hall.