Congratulations Class of 2018

Early admission packets go out
This week is the very end of the semester. Two finals down, two left to go until I get to go home on Friday. The last couple weeks of the semester have been a sprint to the finish. Before Thanksgiving, work starts to pile up and doesn’t let up until finals are over. But everything is now finished, and all I have left standing between winter break and me are two finals and a 2-hour drive back to Rhode Island.

At the beginning of the month, I turned in and presented my senior thesis on Huron and French Jesuit responses to epidemic diseases in New France during the seventeenth century, and now I am patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for my graded paper to turn up in my campus mailbox. Luckily I have all this studying to do to take my mind off it. I only have two finals left now but unfortunately my last final is the very last day and the very last time slot. One good thing about it is my last final will be my hardest, so I have time to study. And it leaves me plenty of extra time to prepare to pick up a few shifts in the Office of Admission. And I am glad I got to work today.

This morning we prepared the first round of decision letters for half of the early action applicants and sent them off to the mail room this afternoon! CLASS OF 2018, HOPE YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR DECISIONS!! A nice holiday surprise for some of our applicants, the perfect Christmas present! Congratulations to all of you!! But don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us within the next few days. The other half of our early action admits will be heading out after the New Year no later than January 15. But preparing admit letters for so many potential Anselmians was the perfect way to close out my semester. Happy Holidays to everyone!