Thursday Night Kickball

Kickball with the Service and Solidarity crew
Every year, the Service and Solidarity Missions puts on a kickball tournament. All the Winter Break Alternative (WBA) and Spring Break Alternative (SBA) trips play each other for honor and glory and… bragging rights. Every leader is part of a committee, which plans fundraisers and other events on campus over the course of the semester to support the program. I was fortunate enough to be the chair of the kickball committee. Along with a committee of five other leaders, I planned and ran the kickball tournament this year, and let me tell you, it was a lot of work. We worked very hard to put it together, planning brackets, working out a schedule for leaders to referee games, developing rules, and buying kickballs and other supplies. It is a lot of work coordinating 15 trips worth of games and making sure upwards of 200 people are having a good time, but it was definitely worth it.

From my perspective, kickball was a success. Everyone had a great time, even the teams eliminated in the first round. It was a nice way to blow off some steam as the month of November is the worst month of the year. Most people say they will be lucky to make it to Thanksgiving, and I am definitely feeling the same way. It is nice to have a couple hours off. I think because everyone is so stressed out with work (I have four lengthy papers due within the next week and a half before Thanksgiving), they really go all out at kickball as a stress release. Just to show you how competitive these games get, we popped all the kickballs we had from people kicking them so hard, and we had to call the final game because we had gone through all our kickballs!

Phoenix teamed up with the discipline-centered trip for nursing majors going to Philly over Winter Break and played against another Philly trip (this one, Spring Sreak). Unfortunately, we lost our first game, but we still had a lot of fun. Games lasted 20 minutes and each team had nine minutes in total to score as many runs as possible. Each trip wore a different color to show some group unity, and Phoenix had red. It is a great opportunity to get to know your trip better and to realize you are part of something larger than the 10 to 15 people on your trip, something that includes 15 trips and over 200 people.