Another one of my favorite things about New England? Fireplaces. LOVE THEM. My grandmother lives in Massachusetts. I am home to see her this weekend. I have a bunch of homework to get through today and so what do I do? Light a big toasty fire in the fireplace. My favorite spot in the whole house, MY SPOT that everyone knows they cannot take is right in front of the fireplace. I have worn the carpet out in that spot… It's been my spot since I was a baby. And let me tell you, being at college is great. But coming home to that nook or cranny that is yours is great too. Sleeping in your own bed? HEAVEN. I was talking about this with a friend last night. I love my room, I love being at home but in a sense it's worth it to be at school so that you can have that 'coming home' feeling. You appreciate home much more that way.