More Homework

I'm tempted to recite that Homework! Oh, Homework! poem again. But I won't. Basically, I have not had a lot of sleep, nor have I done a lot of school work. It happens. I was on duty as an RA Friday night, didn't get to bed until 4:00-something Saturday morning. And so I slept/watched New Girl all day. (Btw, New Girl? the T.V. show? It's HYSTERICAL, I was in stitches. All day.) Word to the wise… if you have no self control, have your parents change the password on the Netflix account – or else you wind up watching two seasons of a television show in one week. And then wind up slammed with work on a Sunday, trying to rationalize your life's decisions. And that generally doesn't end well. And excuses don't work either. I mean, logic says, my home is in Hawaii, and if I can't get home, then I can't do homework, therefore I have all the time in the world to goof around and be and RA and do nothing. Apparently that's not true. Actually I know that's not true. I like to think so, but if I'm getting in trouble with family for calling school home then I am definitely getting in trouble for not doing my homework… but I won't, because I am going to do it. Let's do it!    …Mhm, oh yeah, here we go… homework time… homework, homework, homework… Gonna get some homework done… Yeah, well I gotta go then, TO HOMEWORK LAND!!! dun, dundun DUNNN!!! …that's supposed to be trumpets… get it? No? Ok, whatever, I'm actually going now.

About Karina deBrum '15

Karina deBrum ’15 is a Sociology major (with a Fine Arts minor) from Lana’i City, Hawaii. Karina is president of the Multicultural Student Coalition, the vice president of Quatrain, a member of Lubrications, and a Resident Advisor in Joan of Arc Hall.