More Homework

I'm tempted to recite that Homework! Oh, Homework! poem again. But I won't. Basically, I have not had a lot of sleep, nor have I done a lot of school work. It happens. I was on duty as an RA Friday night, didn't get to bed until 4:00-something Saturday morning. And so I slept/watched New Girl all day. (Btw, New Girl? the T.V. show? It's HYSTERICAL, I was in stitches. All day.) Word to the wise… if you have no self control, have your parents change the password on the Netflix account – or else you wind up watching two seasons of a television show in one week. And then wind up slammed with work on a Sunday, trying to rationalize your life's decisions. And that generally doesn't end well. And excuses don't work either. I mean, logic says, my home is in Hawaii, and if I can't get home, then I can't do homework, therefore I have all the time in the world to goof around and be and RA and do nothing. Apparently that's not true. Actually I know that's not true. I like to think so, but if I'm getting in trouble with family for calling school home then I am definitely getting in trouble for not doing my homework… but I won't, because I am going to do it. Let's do it!    …Mhm, oh yeah, here we go… homework time… homework, homework, homework… Gonna get some homework done… Yeah, well I gotta go then, TO HOMEWORK LAND!!! dun, dundun DUNNN!!! …that's supposed to be trumpets… get it? No? Ok, whatever, I'm actually going now.