A Night in Spain

Well, at least it felt like one to me. Last week, my spanish professor offered different extra credit opportunities for our mid-term grade. One of these included going to see a performance at the Dana Center, and then writing a small reflection about it. I was pretty excited about this because it seemed to be an easy way to earn extra points on my test.

The show that we went to see was called Ensemble Espanoland it was amazing. There were different types of Spanish dances performed, and it felt like I was at a Broadway show. From solo numbers to unbelievable moves with their partners, each member of the cast did an outstanding job. There were also numbers that featured vocal performances, and I also couldn't believe how beautiful each of their costumes were.

I think that it is a wonderful thing to be able to be immersed in a variety of cultures on any college campus, and Saint A's definitely fosters and embraces diversity in all ways. Last week I also attended a Study Abroad fair in our Language Resource Center where I learned about a lot of the international opportunities available. Maybe in a few years I'll even consider studying abroad. For now though, I better get to that extra credit essay. Adios!

About Catherine Muldoon '17

Catherine Muldoon ’17 is a Chemistry major from Rockaway Park, New York. Catherine is eager to begin her Saint Anselm College career and hopes to become actively involved with the Meelia Center for Community Engagement and the Abbey Players, among many other campus organizations.