Winter Break Plan

As an international student from Vietnam, I have to figure out where to go and what to do for every break, from Fall Break, to Thanksgiving, to Winter Break. For instance, last year, I went to New York City for Thanksgiving, and I went to Texas for Spring Break. The year before, during Winter Break, I traveled to Chicago. Boston and New York City have been two places that I have visited the most as they are close to Saint Anselm and pretty easy to visit. I also have a lot of friends around the Boston and New York areas (so, if you want to hang out in Boston or NYC, hit me up!). Well, being 9,000 miles away from home has its own advantage. You really want to take the opportunity to travel around and explore every corner of the United States.

However, traveling involves a lot of planning. And to be honest, not going home this past summer, I do miss home a lot. So I have decided to go back to Vietnam this winter after much thinking. My friends really want me to go to San Francisco with them, and I do too. But I guess nowhere is comparable to home. So, I booked my ticket last Tuesday. Needless to say, I am more than excited to see my family again this winter!

Also, if you plan to visit Vietnam, hit me up as well!


Phở – a traditional dish in Vietnam. One of my favorites!

About Hoang Bui '15

Hoang Bui ’15 is an International Relations major (with a French minor) from Vietnam. Hoang is an Admission Ambassador, a Kevin Harrington Ambassador with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, a member of the Saint Anselm College choir, and founder of the Vietnamese Student Association. In addition, Hoang has been active with experiential learning, participating in both an internship and Spring Break Alternative.