Strategic Plan Update

I recently updated the campus community on progress related to our strategic plan, Vision 2015: Looking Within – Reaching Beyond. I would like to share with you the steps we are taking towards achieving the plan's five core commitments.

The strategic plan is well underway with formulation of tactical teams and the Implementation Steering Committee, comprised of Pat Shuster, chair; Dr. Alicia Finn, vice-chair; Dr. Hui-Ling Chen, Dr. Peter Cordella, Bill Furlong, Nancy Davis Griffin, and Tricia Guanci Therrien. A sample of progress to date includes:

Creating Educational Distinction

  • Objective 1 – A proposal for a new core curriculum was submitted to the President, Dean and Faculty Senate by the Curriculum Review and Revision Committee and has been distributed to the faculty at large for their input.
  • Objective 2 – A new major in Physics was approved by the Curriculum Committee and will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate. Two other majors were recently fully approved: Peace and Justice Studies and Environmental Politics and Sustainability. A proposed major in Social Work is currently under review.
  • Objective 3 – Seventeen (17) new internship sites for our students have been created.

Developing Ethical Leaders for a Global Society

  • Objective 11 – A fundraising plan for the New Hampshire Institute of Politics was developed and implementation has begun.

Partnering for the Future

  • Objective 14 – The College is nearing the completion of an articulation agreement with the Concord Community College (NHTI) for criminal justice students, and plans to develop similar agreements for other programs and with the other community colleges in New Hampshire. An articulation agreement between two institutions of higher education establishes which courses one school will accept for credit when it admits transfer students from the other institution.
  • Objective 15 – The College submitted 16 grants for a total of $2,483,119, year to date. In all, $2,067,361 in grants have been awarded year to date and seven applications are still pending.

Advancing Reputation and Reach

  • Objective 19 – New publications for student recruitment, such as a viewbook and travel brochure, were developed during summer of 2010 to reflect a greater emphasis on academic majors, experiential learning, and outcomes.
  • Objective 20 – A College Advancement and Alumni Communication Plan was established in November 2010, including an alumni e-newsletter, Annual Fund flyer, Letter from the President template, a redesigned Portraits magazine, and a plan to communicate Vision 2015.

Stewarding and Extending Resources

  • Objective 22 – Depreciation will be fully funded beginning fiscal year 2012, which starts July 1.

A more complete progress report will come out shortly. In addition, a communications plan for the roll-out of Vision 2015 is well underway under the leadership of the Office of College Communications and Marketing. You can also learn more by visiting the strategic plan page on the College website.

  • David Murphy

    Please advise what priority the College (as a Catholic institution) is giving to the pro life cause locally, and at a national level.

    Thank you,

    David Murphy, 71

    • Steven M. Karr, Ph.D. '91

      How much priority ought the College's strategic plan give to a local or national "pro-life" agenda?

  • Jim Wilson

    The St. Anselm Community may or may not be aware but there were a number of St. Anselm students who participated in the demonstrations and march in Selma, Al in 1965. I was one. We got into trouble doing it but as John Lewis would say, it was good trouble. I left St. Anselm soon after my return from Selma and never graduated. I will be returning to Selma in a few months to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the march and the demonstrations. I have written about Selma and my experiences on my blog, The Gadfly. St. Anselm's should at some point celebrate the important role a handful of its students played in that important part of history. My blog can be found at