Curriculum Revision Update

Submitted by Gary M. Bouchard, Ph.D.

As the fall semester draws to a close, I offer this brief update on the process of the Curriculum Review and Revision Committee. Using the principles and outcomes that we sent to the campus community in September, and the substantive responses to these principles and outcomes provided us by department chairs, we have worked at fashioning possible models for a new core curriculum for Saint Anselm College.

While proceeding forward with this work, we have also engaged in formal conversations about current and proposed curricular content with a variety of individuals and groups on campus. During the past several weeks in particular, we have dedicated ourselves to listening to various constituents and express our gratitude to the Inclusiveness Committee, the Student Government Association, the Council on Being Catholic and Benedictine, and the Dean of Students Office.

In order to complete our proposal, we have agreed to gather for a second two-day working retreat on January 10 and 11. We are hopeful and determined that early next semester we will have crafted a proposal for a new core curriculum and accompanying rationale that we can present to the President, the Dean, and the Faculty Senate. We look forward to then taking part in broader community forums and discussions concerning our proposal.

I wish you to know that you have all been extremely well served in this process by the members of this committee, who are not only sacrificing significant amounts of time, but are bringing to this process the careful thought, determined effort and generosity of spirit that it requires and deserves.

  • Nicholas Molinari

    Why on earth would St. Anselm even consider changing its core curriculum? St. Anselm is special because of its academic integrity, and that integrity is grounded in the core curriculum. The last thing we need is for folks to tamper with something that is working perfectly fine. Stick to tradition, Anselmians!

  • Chris Ciaccio

    My daughter is admitted to St. Anselm's for the 2012 fall semester. What has drawn her (and me) to the school is its core curriculum as reflecting its Catholic identity and commitment to Catholic beliefs. I would be very careful about diluting the core curriculum in any way so as to attempt to broaden the appeal of the school or to signal a less than vigorous Catholic mindset. I think more and more parents, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are looking for schools that wear their Catholicism on their sleeves, i.e., not only call themselves Catholic but conduct the affairs of the school in a manner consistent with Catholic teachings and Catholic ideals.

  • Steven M. Karr, Ph.D. '91

    Does "revision" necessarily equate with "diluting the core curriculum?" I think not. A reevaluation and revision of the core curriculum can only ensure that the College remains competative among successive generations of students and their evolving attitudes toward society and education. Change is good!