SBA 2017 Maine, NYC, & Newark are Back on the Hilltop!

After a week of service, learning, growth, love, laughter, and traveling, the groups are back being welcomed back with open arms on the hilltop! We will be updating this page as the groups arrive home. Please continue to follow the social media scroll to see glimpses of the week past.

MAINE: The fist trip to arrive back to campus making sure the bring the frigid air with them! Welcome back SBA Maine!

Maine HOMENEW YORK CITY: After a morning of subway and bus transfers, the group has left the hustle and bustle behind to enjoy the peacefulness of campus. Welcome back SBA NYC!                                                                           NYC Porch

NEWARK:After  a good-night's rest and a hearty breakfast, the Newark group pulled in on campus. They are eager to share all their insights from those they shared their week with! Welcome back SBA Newark!