SBA 2017 Mid-Week Updates: Maine, Mississippi & Maryland

It is hard to believe SBA 2017 is just about mid way through their week at their sites! It seems as though the trips were boarding planes and loading up their vans for their journeys. Surprisingly enough, the groups are well into their service and are at ease in their new environments. Here are updates from our trips what they have already experienced!

Maine: The group has not let the frigidness of the air deplete their spirits! The Maine group has been working hard splitting wood each day, installing insulation, and sorting through some merchandise at the Thrift shop! The group of 19 has been making sure that every task that is given is accomplished with joy and vigor!

Mississippi:Basking in the almost tropical temps (70 degrees and counting), the Mississippi group has used the sunshine to fuel them in getting much done around Camp Friendship! The group has been making every effort to help the Camp shine and sparkle for the upcoming campers! Their high spirits and a little bit of elbow grease have helped them complete raking and painting projects! The group will be putting on their "blue suede shoes" on Wednesday to visit the birthplace of Elvis. All in all a great start to the week!

SBA MississippiMaryland: After enjoying their day off in the Nation's Capital, the Maryland group has been aiding the teachers at the Benedictine School for Exceptional Children in a variety of ways. From serving as cooks in the Home-ec kitchen, assisting with the gym classes, and teaching lessons, the Maryland group has witnessed what the teachers and staff of the Benedictine school dedicate themselves to each day. As the week goes on, the participants are making every effort to commit themselves to the mission of the school.

SBA Maryland in D.C.