SBA 2017 Departures

It seems as though it was yesterday we were sending off the WBA trips during a snow storm. The skies are cold but clear and we are sending off our SBA 2017 trips with excitement! South Dakota and Mississippi have the earliest departures to begin their trips. We will be keeping the blog updated between Saturday and Sunday morning to inform that all trips have arrived safely to their destinations.

South Dakota: Departed campus at 3:30 a.m. bright and bushy-tailed! Their 7:00 a.m. flight will take them to Denver. Will be posting their arrival times this evening.

Mississippi: Boarded their flight from Manchester at 6:00 a.m. and are currently are enjoying the Chicago airport! They will arrive in Memphis then travel to Aberdeen later this evening.

Kentucky: Is en-route for Part 1 of their journey to David, Kentucky! They will be spending the night in West Virginia. They will arrive to their swanky hotel later tonight.

Newark: Left with a van full of luggage and excited participants. They will arrive Saint Benedict's Prep with a full schedule ahead of them in the early evening hours.

Maryland: Is traveling looking forward a home-made lunch provided in Madison, CT prepared by our leader, Nicole's mom. After their bellies are full, they will continue onto Ridgely, MD expected to arrive mid-evening.

New York City: Completed their first leg of their journey to Boston and are preparing to travel to NYC on the Greyhound bus arriving to St. John's Church in the evening.

Maine: With the shortest journey of the group, they also have a home cook meal ahead of them courtesy of Aly Smith's family. They will arrive at HOME in the mid-afternoon.

When trips have arrived at their sites, another post will be added!