A Generous Gesture in the Air

We departed campus and made our way to Boston, where we began our day of flying. We were all anxious to get on our way, but the weather caused a delay. When we arrived in Atlanta we were lucky to make our connection to Phoenix, where we will spend the next week at the Andre House.

WBA Phoenix

WBA Phoenix at the airport, en-route to the Andre House to begin their week of Service & Solidarity

Boarding our flight to Phoenix, we were all truly impressed by the way the crew reacted to meeting us. One of our participants, Ashley Robichaud began talking to a flight attendant about our trip and told her about our upcoming week of service and solidarity at the Andre House.

The flight attendant had never heard of the Andre House before, but spent a few minutes on their website learning more about the organization. She came back to where we were sitting and told Ashley that she grew up in the Bronx in a poor neighborhood where there were many homeless people. She asked how we felt about the people we'd be serving and the work we'd be doing.

She had no idea that services of that kind were available in Phoenix, and that she knew some people who could benefit from all the Andre House has to offer. She was impressed that our Service & Solidarity trips are student-led, and by the impact the program has not only on the people the participants serve, but on the participants themselves.

We chatted further with other flight attendants about the Andre House's services: providing meals, clothes, laundry services, and more. The crew decided to give us a bag full of peanuts and pretzels to bring with us to the Andre House. This generous gesture revealed to all of us the value of simple acts of kindness.

-Beth Gabert '17