SBA Groups Begin Journey Back To Campus

It's hard to believe that the SBA week is coming to a close! Time certainly has flown by but the impact of this short week on our students will leave its imprint for years to come. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to the many agencies and their staffs that have opened their doors to us this past week.

SBA South Dakota group photoThank you for your tremendous hospitality. And thank you for the work you do each day in loving service of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are so often forgotten. Your example and continued efforts to recognize the dignity of each person you encounter is awe-inspiring.

So our groups begin their departures a little more tired than when they left the Hilltop, but with an awareness and a new perspective that we trust will inform, form, and transform them as they unpack from this short week's worth of encounters.

Travel Plans

Our SBA Education trip left David, KY this afternoon and will arrive at the hotel late this evening, completing the first leg of their two day journey back to the hilltop.

SBA Mississippi is spending the day in Memphis, TN touring the area; going to the MLK Jr. museum and will stay over in preparation for their departure tomorrow morning.

SBA South Dakota is having a tour today with Executive Director Ted and President of the Board Cory True, they will travel to the badlands, Mount Rushmore, and end the evening in Rapid City in preparation for their departure tomorrow morning.

The weather looks perfect for travel and by 1:30 tomorrow afternoon all trips but SBA Phoenix will be en route back to campus. Campus Minister Andy Fellows and I head down to Logan airport to pick-up SBA Mississippi, our first group to return to the Hilltop. Their flight is due in at 2 p.m. We anticipate being back on campus before 4 p.m. SBA Phoenix will finally join the rest of the trips heading back to the hilltop.

We expect SBA Maryland to be back on campus in the early evening and SBA Education in the later evening. We then pick-up SBA Haiti at 6:30 and SBA Gulf Coast at 8:30 p.m both at Logan.

SBA Philly will have departed the Inn in the early afternoon and should arrive back on campus around 9:30 p.m. Last but not least, we make one more trip to Logan to pick-up both SBA Phoenix and SBA South Dakota for 11:30/Midnight.

All groups will gather in the North Lounge for a Welcome Back Party – as trips arrive on campus between 8-11 p.m., giving SBA participants the opportunity to share stories, food, and laughter as they transition back to Saint Anselm. All groups should be settled and resting by the VERY early morning, then some rest before the rest of the Anselmian community returns to campus.

Big day ahead. Please pray for a safe journey home.