Travel Updates: Groups Begin Arriving at Sites

It's been an exciting day! Over half the trips that departed this morning have arrived at their destination. For these groups travel has gone smoothly and all are in good spirits. More updates to come as our other groups reach their destinations later this afternoon.

South Dakota takes a selfie in Denver

South Dakota takes a selfie in Denver, awaiting their flight to Rapid City.

1:00 p.m. Phoenix:  I heard from leader Sean Casey '15 upon their arrival in Phoenix, AZ.  The group was able to get some rest on the flight, had gathered their bags, and were picking-up their rental vehicles for the week.  All were in good spirits.  The group had some touring to do, then would get settled in at Our Lady of Guadalupe Benedictine Monastery.  After Mass tomorrow morning the group begins their first day of work.

2:30 p.m. Haiti:  I heard from leader Brenda Keys '17 upon their arrival to Port au Prince, Haiti.  It was 97 degrees out and the groups eyes were open to the beauty of Haiti.  They will travel now to Grand Goave, which could take 2-4 hours of travel.  The conditions of the roads can be unpredictable in Haiti.  They will call me again once they have arrived.  In addition to following the groups progress here, you may also consider following blog where our guide Melissa will provide regular updates.

3:30 p.m. Gulf Coast:  Leader Jimmy Leonard '15 called upon the groups arrival at their site in Biloxi, MS where they met their host for the week.  The group was appreciative of the warmer climate and getting changed into shorts before they headed off to their group orientation.  Tonight their host will cook them dinner and they will get to tour around Biloxi a little.  Tomorrow after Mass they begin their first day of work.

4:30 p.m. South Dakota:  After a slight delay in Colorado, leader Riley Duggan'15 called as our group met up in Rapid City with Ted, the Executive Director (or as he likes to call himself the 'Head Volunteer') of Re-Member, the organization on Pine Ridge Reservation with whom our group will be serving this week.  While they can't boast of the warm temperatures of our previous three trips noted above, this has not dampened their enthusiasm for the amazing week of education and service which lay ahead of them. They are waiting for Xavier University to join them and then they will all take the two-hour trek to Pine Ridge.  Tonight they have the privilege of attending a Pow Wow!  Stay tuned as the group updates us throughout their week.

4:30 Mississippi:  Leader Amy Sennott '15 called as the group landed safely in Memphis, TN.  They met up with Fr. Tim and Julie (the camp dog), their hosts for the week, and are ready for the 90-minute trek to Aberdeen, MS.

SBA Mississippi arrives in Memphis

SBA Mississippi arrives in Memphis

More updates to come as we near the late evening as our four other trips complete today's travel.  Stay tuned!