All Trips Arrive at Overnight Destinations

Seven groups have arrived at their final destination, while SBA Education will finish their journey tomorrow. All trips have checked in, and many are posting additional photos on Twitter that you can see on the right-column of the blog, or by following #SACSBA on Twitter!

5:30 Haiti:  SBA Haiti arrived at their site in Grand Goave, greeted by 66 children singing to them and greeting them with open arms.  The group was tired but their spirits lifted by the joy of meeting the children they will work with this week.

SBA Haiti arrives at Be Like Brit

SBA Haiti arrives at host site "Be Like Brit"

5:30 p.m. Philly:  Leader Stephen Sullivan called, letting me know that the group arrived at about 5 p.m. and was greeted by Barbara on of St. Francis Inn's staff members.  She helped them to get settled, gave them a tour, and orientation.  The group is looking forward to beginning their work in the morning.

SBA Philly arrives at St. Francis Inn

SBA Philly arrives at the St. Francis Inn

6:30 p.m. Maryland & South Dakota:  Maryland leaders Molli Marshall '16 and Molly White '15 called to note their arrival after a bit of a detour in New York.  They settled into their housing for the week, went food shopping, and prepared a family dinner.  Tomorrow they head to Mass and then to D.C. for the day, work begins Monday.  South Dakota reached Pine Ridge, had dinner, and were guests at a Pow Wow on the reservation.

7:00 p.m. Phoenix & Mississippi: Phoenix arrived at their housing, and finally was able to settle in after a long travel day.  Mississippi also arrived at their housing, a change from the camp due to a storm last week that left 8,000 residences out of power. The group will now stay at the Faith Baptist Church about 35 minutes from the camp.  These friends of Fr. Tim graciously will house our group this week.  After a long day, adjusting to their new housing, our group was ready to get dinner and settle in for the night.

7:30 p.m. Education:  Our last trip arrived at today's stop-over destination.  Leader Shannon Hess '16 called, letting me know that the group made it to their hotel.  This stop is the first leg of the trip.  Tomorrow they will make the drive to their host site, arriving in David, KY in the afternoon.

  • Joan Fihser

    I am so glad all the trips arrived safe and sound. I am sure the Phoenix and Haiti trips are glad to be in shorts

  • Scarlet Turner

    So glad that all the trips arrived safe.

  • Rachel Damiani Leonard

    Happy to hear they've all reached their destinations safely.
    Rachel & Paul Leonard

  • Morleys

    Can't wait to hear how Mississippi is doing!