Trip Participant Story: Learning on the Education Trip

Thinking of one story from my trip to the David School (David, Kentucky) is close to impossible, because there are just so many. Every moment touched my heart and I honestly learned something new each time I stepped foot in the school.

Becca & students

Becca (far left) hanging out with Sam (2nd from left), trip co-leader Mia (far right), and another student.

One moment that will always remain with me was when I worked with Sam during his math class. I could tell the minute he went from woodshop or health to math that it was not his subject of choice. He completely shut down. I had no idea how I could help him get through this period. I did my best to make it as enjoyable as possible by attempting to be enthusiastic. It didn't work. As we were talking and getting to know each other, he just kept telling me about how much he hated math and how he didn't want to be there. I made it a goal of mine to explain the material in different ways. When I finally took the paper and asked him to show me what he'd do with each problem, he was able to slow down and concentrate. He knew exactly what needed to be done, but because math gives him such anxiety, he usually just buzzes through it without actually thinking about it. Sam showed me just how smart he truly was. He taught me patience, and I will forever be grateful for that. Through this one experience, I learned that we all need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. It is indeed true that the little things in life turn into the big things. I will always remember the students and staff of the David School. I learned so much from a small holler in Kentucky. All I can say is thank you!

~ Rebecca (Becca) Cronin '14

  • Eve Barnett

    What a wonderful story. I wish that there were more teachers like you who don’t lose their patience over a student.