Words Cannot Express…SBA Costa Rica

SBA Costa Rica

Taking a break for a photo.

Love. Laughter. Hope. Humility. Determination.

These words are the closest we can come to describing our experience thus far on the outskirts of the rural town of Los Chiles, Costa Rica. Monday was our third full day of hard manual labor. We have come so far building a house for our family consisting of a loving grandmother along with her five amazing grandchildren. We have prepared all the walls, a complete septic tank, the mixing of concrete, and the house's foundation, all while playing and enjoying the hard-working company of not only the grandchildren but many children from the community. Our work has been done without the use of power tools. Yes, that means we have been able to enjoy wonderful conversation and laughter while working extremely hard in temperatures upwards of 90 degrees with high humidity.

Our group has formed incredibly strong relationships with numerous members of the Los Chiles community of all ages despite the lack of Spanish skills for the majority of our group. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of love, joy, and hope in this community. Every moment we've experienced has been filled with smiles, endless laughter, and esperanza (hope). The members of Unbound (Elle, Carlos, Louis, Javier) have been a great source of inspiration and communication; we're so thankful for each of them. We've been blessed with two amazing faculty members who have exceeded the wildest of our expectations. They're that great (and yes, Dan did finish his septic hole today with help from his friend Arturo).

We hope all other trips are having just as an amazing experience as we are. We can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us. Our group sends all of our love (that's a lot) to the rest of the SBA trips and the Saint Anselm community. We hope to check in with more updates later in the week.


Todo el amor del mundo,

SBA Costa Rica


  • Laura Martin

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