New Orleans Experience

As the week comes to a close, we cannot believe its almost time to say goodbye to this city we have all fallen in love with. New Orleans has been all it had promised to be and more! We have seen everything from museums, to speakers, viewed cathedrals and so much more. We were fortunate enough earlier in the week to view the ninth ward, the section of New Orleans that was hardest hit by hurricane Katrina. We were so amazed and overwhelmed by this area, and by a documentary movie we watched about the hurricane last night. It was definitely hard to view. Last night we got to learn a little more about the levees and why they broke… I can only imagine how frightened the natives were.

NOLA at Cafe du MondeToday we got the chance to spend some time with our kids at the school, making arts and crafts and teaching some math and English! It rained ALL day at school and we even had our very own tornado warning for New Orleans… Scary but thank goodness it missed us! After school we walked downtown in the French Quarter to enjoy NOLA's finest beignets. A mouthwatering, powered sugar covered fried dough ball… YUM!

This trip has been powerful to say the least. We have heard some amazing stories and seen some tragic things. It is crazy to think that the streets we use everyday for transportation were once under water. The school we have been visiting is truly life-changing. We have met the most amazing happy and crazy kids there that have made an impact on us forever! It is hard to believe the level of poverty some of these children are in and yet they bring and offer us so much joy. It is so hard for us to say goodbye to these children but they will always be in our thoughts and prayers!

Thank "y'all" (as they say here) for the continued support and prayers!

– The NOLA crew