Up & Coming Club Showcase: Green Team

The Green Team is a new club at Saint Anselm College made up of students who are dedicated to improving the environment and making the world a better place to live today, and for generations to come. The group looks to make positive changes around campus; this semester, their main focus is on water. At meetings, discussion topics have been as specific as students’ water bottle habits at the college or as broad as the dependence on water by human beings as a whole. So far, the group has put on multiple events to teach Saint Anselm students about the importance of water.

On April 15, the Green Team showed the film “Watermark” in Perini Hall. The documentary displays how humans are shaped by water and how their use of it affects the environment all around the world. According to Christina Coronis, Vice President of the Green Team, “[the film] was very beautiful and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn about the importance of water”. The stunning footage and visuals in the film show how much we as humans are impacted by water in our daily lives.

Earth Day is very significant to the Green Team, which is why they chose to hold two important events that day. One was the ribbon cutting for the new water refill stations. The ceremony took place in the gym in the Carr Center, however there are two other stations in the Cushing Center and the lower level of Alumni Hall. Working with Take Back the Tap, a national organization dedicated to reducing the use of plastics, one being plastic water bottles, the Green Team, SGA, the Environmental Stewardship Committee, and Physical Plant hope to spread awareness of the issues created by bottled water and show that it is in fact not better than tap water. The groups promoted this idea by giving away free reusable water bottles to all those who attended the ribbon cutting. The second event on Earth Day was an interesting and informative presentation by Dr. Jim Haney, a biologist from the University of New Hampshire. He spoke about cyanobacteria and biotoxins found in lakes.

The Green Team hopes to put on many more events around campus and have also talked about possible off-campus trips in the future. Any student interested in joining the Green Team is encouraged to contact Christina or President, Emily Erickson. The group is always open to new members and new ideas.