Executive Board Positions 2016-2017 Administration

By Christina Maloney & Lauren Wanless

Interested in applying for SGA's Executive Board but don't really know what the positions are or what they entail? Here's a summary of each of the e-board positions, as well as the names of those who currently hold those positions.

The President of the Student Government Association: this person is the official representative of the student body to the college and other groups. Duties include the authority to enforce, recommend, and veto all laws and enactments of the Student Senate, as well as report to the Student Senate with recommendations for certain actions or the creation of special committees and their authorities. With the power to introduce legislation for approval from the Student Senate, the President submits nominations for student representatives to the Standing Committees of the College and SGA Executive Cabinet members. The President also serves on the Appropriations Board and sits on the Campus Activities E-Board.

Current President: Nolan Varee

The Vice-President of the Student Government Association: this person serves as the President of the Student Senate, a member of the Campus Activities Board Executive Board, and on the Appropriations Board. The Vice President has the responsibility of delegating Student Senators to the committees of the Senate. In the event that the SGA President is absent or the position becomes vacant, the Vice-President has the option of assuming all duties.

Current Vice President: Brian Salvie

The Chairperson of the Welfare Committee: this person maintains a working relationship with the Dean of Students and reports weekly to the Student Senate. Responsible for organizing and managing the lost and found center in the Geisel Library, this person sends weekly emails to the student body reporting missing items.

Current Chairperson of the Welfare Committee: Chris Griebel

The Chairperson of the Academic Committee: this person works with the Dean of the College and reports weekly to the Student Senate.

Current Chairperson of the Academic Committee: Kristine Adams

The Chairperson of the Room and Board Committee: this person works with the Directors of Residence Life and Dining Service and reports updates to the Student Senate on a weekly basis.

Current Chairperson of the Room and Board Committee: Sheila Ramirez

The Secretary of Programming and the Assistant Secretary: these secretaries serve as the Chairperson of the Campus Activities Board Executive Committee, overseeing the programs, its Sub-Committee Chairpersons, and working with the Treasurer to balance a budget. The Secretary also holds weekly meetings with the Director of Student Activities and Assistant Director, as well as meetings with the Campus Activities Board Executive Committee and Board members.

Current Secretary of Programming: Rachel Follett

The Treasurer of the Student Government Association: this person is responsible for handling all fiscal affairs of SGA. They are the Chairperson of the Finance Committee and must report weekly to the Student Senate. In addition, the Treasurer serves on the Appropriation Advisory Board and is the sole distributor of Activities Fee money granted to campus clubs and organizations through Appropriations.

Current Treasurer of the Student Government Association: JJ Courtney

The Secretary of Internal Procedures: this person is responsible for overseeing all SGA elections. They are the Chairperson of the Internal Procedures Committee and must report weekly to the Student Senate. The Secretary of Internal Procedures is responsible for the enforcement and provisions of the Constitution: they handle any disciplinary matters of SGA, maintains the Constitution, advises the Student Senate in all matters concerning the Constitution.

Current Secretary of Internal Procedures: Emily Mazza

The Secretary of Public Relations: this person is responsible for the proper advertising of SGA, assists all branches of SGA with public relations, runs all social media pages in relation to SGA (Facebook, Twitter, and SGA Blog), and reports weekly to the Student Senate. The Secretary of Public Relations is the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee, which is compromised of the four Class Council Secretaries, Secretary General, Social Media Coordinator, and Publications (Crier) Liaison. They also oversee the Hilltop Rewards Program.

Current Secretary of Public Relations: Christina Maloney

The Secretary of Club Affairs: this person reports weekly to the Student Senate and oversees all non-financial matters involving clubs and organizations on campus. They assist new and existing clubs with their constitutions, review, approve (or reject) community service applications for clubs and organizations and submit a list of those who have completed the requirement to the Finance Committee by the first day of Appropriations. Must organize and run a monthly Club President’s meeting throughout the academic year.

Current Secretary of Club Affairs: Tyler Pare

Vice Secretary of Club Affairs: Andrew Keyes

The Secretary General: this person takes the attendance and meeting minutes of both the Student Senate and Executive Board meetings. They shall distribute the Student Senate meetings to the student body, record all amendments, resolutions or other legislation passed by the Student Senate. The Secretary General shall also serve as a member on the Public Relations Committee.

Current Secretary General: Cassandra Mitchell

The Chief of Staff: this person is appointed by the SGA President and Vice President and is confirmed by the Student Senate by a three-fifths majority. They shall report to directly to the SGA President and Vice President, help seek out Executive Board candidates, organize leadership conferences as well as SGA’s annual retreat, troubleshoot with Executive Board members and attend the weekly Student Senate Meetings.

Current Chief of Staff: Kelsey Fair

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