Crossing the Border: Day 4 and 5

Our walkers crossed the Maine/New Hampshire this afternoon, pausing briefly to celebrate the occasion. With five days of walking now behind them, they have settled in at the St. Charles Children's Home, a favorite overnight stop, and morale booster for tired legs and sun burnt faces. With about 80 miles under their feet, the remaining three days in New Hampshire will cover the remaining fifty-or-so miles to Saint Anselm, and the group's return to campus on Saturday.

Road For Hope crossing the Maine/NH borderTuesday's walk – the shortest of the week, at 11.5 miles, brought the group over the halfway point as they trekked from East Waterboro to Sanford, Maine. We'll be checking in with the group on Thursday, and look forward to sharing some reflections from participants as they continue to make a difference, one footstep at a time!