Generosity Abounds: Day 2 and 3

The past two days have brought the Road For Hope walkers from Gray to Waterboro, Maine! They have traveled over 34 miles since Sunday, bringing the total distance covered to 52 miles so far. Spirits remain high as the walkers chant through the miles, making it through two of the longest days of the week. Despite countless blisters and aching bodies from shouldering their packs, one message is clear from the walkers: their incredible gratitude for the generosity that others have passed onto them.

“I forgot about how positive people can get even when spirits get low," says Cassie Disaia '19. "I always like how all the people at the churches we stay at talk about how kids don't get involved with this kind of stuff anymore. Sometimes I forget about how unique of an experience this is.”

A long trek through the back roads of Maine, was accented by the heat, with a focus on hydration and sunscreen on Sunday. Jon and Cindy, parents of Joey Smith '18 provided lunch and hospitality for the group, before they trekked on the the Deeper Well Church to end the weekend.

The group awoke on Monday to an outstanding breakfast, prepared by the members of the church. With this great start of the day, they began their longest day of the walk (more than 18 miles). The day was punctuated by several family visits, including Ashley Cryer '18’s mom, Adelina Katzounas '20’s mother and grandmother, and Giovanna Beaulieu '19’s family in celebration of her 20th birthday. The walkers were also surprised with a visit from the family of Caroline Ireland '19. Although Caroline is not walking this year, her family still wanted to stop by to support those making the trek.

Observing the eclipse on the Road For HopeCampus Minister Andy Fellows, who is accompanying the group, surprised the walkers with glasses to observe the solar eclipse, bringing an unexpected highlight to day three on the road. Ice cream (and some Maine tourist tee-shirts) were gobbled up during one of the day's rest breaks. Dinner was provided by the Smith family, as the walkers arrived in Waterboro for the evening.

Tuesday will bring the group to Sanford, as the walkers spend their last full day in Maine, and reach the halfway point of their journey.

This post was authored by Road For Hope alumna Maggie Lynch '17