2017 Road For Hope Itinerary

For the 19th annual Road for Hope, August 19-26, 2017, 46 students will walk —rain or shine—from Lewiston, Maine to Saint Anselm College to raise funds for nine charities in Maine and N.H. It is a modern-day pilgrimage that, in the words of the mission statement, "seeks to provide funds for the needy, strengthen the bonds in our communities, and rekindle the belief that every footstep makes a difference."

Road For Hope walkers celebrate the 2016 walk

Saturday, August 19

Basilica (Lewiston, ME) to St. Gregory's (Gray, ME)

  • Start: (8 a.m., front steps)

Basilica of SS Peter and Paul
150 Ash Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

  • Overnight: St. Gregory's: 24 North Raymond Road, Gray, ME

Day: 17.5 miles; Week total: 17.5 miles; Remaining walk: 106.5 miles

Sunday, August 20

St. Gregory's (Gray, ME) to The Deeper Well Church (Standish, ME)

  • Overnight: The Deeper Well Church: 190 Northeast Road, Standish, ME

Day: 16.2 miles; Week total: 33.7 miles; Remaining walk: 90.3 miles

Monday, August 21

Day 3 The Deeper Well Church (Standish, ME) to Massabesic Middle School (E. Waterboro, ME)

Day: 18.5 miles; Week total: 52.2 miles; Remaining walk: 71.8 miles

Tuesday, August 22

Massabesic Middle School (E. Waterboro, ME) to St. Ignatius Parish (Sanford, ME)

  • Overnight: St. Ignatius Parish: 25 Riverside Ave, Sanford, ME

Day: 11.5 miles; Week total: 63.7 miles; Remaining walk: 60.3 miles

Wednesday, August 23

St. Ignatius Parish (Sanford, ME) to St. Charles (Rochester, NH)

  • Overnight: St. Charles Children's Home: 19 Grant Street, Rochester, NH

Day: 15.9 miles; Week total: 79.6 miles; Remaining walk: 44.4 miles

Thursday, August 24

St. Charles (Rochester, NH) to St. Joseph's Church (Northwood, NH)

  • Overnight: St. Joseph's Church: Northwood, NH

Day: 16.2 miles Week total: 95.8 miles; Remaining walk: 28.2 miles

Friday, August 25

St. Joseph's (Northwood, NH) to Henry W. Moore School (Candia, NH)

  • Overnight: Moore School: Candia, NH

Day: 14 miles; Week total: 109.8 miles; Remaining walk: 14.2 miles

Saturday, August 26

Henry W. Moore School (Candia, NH) to Saint Anselm College

  • Lunch: Derryfield Park: Bridge Street, Manchester, NH

Participants are due in to Saint Anselm College at the Main Entrance for 1 p.m. If you are able to come, please make arrangements to be arrive by 12:45 p.m.

Day: 14.2 miles; Week total: 124+ miles

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