Why I Walk: Emily Pierce '19

Whenever someone mentions the words “Road For Hope,” a quote from Dr. Seuss resounds in the back of my mind. The quote states, “Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.” Although it is impossible to quite comprehend the magnitude of the Road For Hope experience while walking your 100th mile in the hot August sun, it is an experience that never leaves you. You can, however, understand one thing for certain: that this walk and its mission are a part of something much larger than yourself.

Emily Pierce '19

I walk on the margins of the road for those in the margins of our society. Those whose own sense of hope is quite literally dependent on the road we walk because the nine charities we support are invaluable resources to them.

I walk for the sense of awe that I can participate in service for the nine charities I have never been to, but still know they are an essential part in the life of someone I will never meet. In this sense, Road For Hope embodies the meaning of service in its purest form. Service at its core is doing good for others and expecting nothing in return. It is so easy to let the enticement of praise dictate our desire to serve, but on Road For Hope there is simply no way for pride to seep into our intentions (especially when no one has showered for days on end).

I walk because between the blisters and sweat, the laughter and the tears, the formation of friendships and memories, there is a transformation that occurs. Suddenly, you realize that values like community, optimism and service to others will outlast even the peskiest of blisters.

I walk because sometimes you may not know where the road might lead quite yet, but you can feel that you need to be on it.

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