On The Road: Wednesday & Thursday Update

Thursday's update came from Northwood, New Hampshire, just 30 miles from Manchester. Now just two days from home, the group's anticipation is building for the final miles of the walk, even while remaining focused on the day-to-day importance of each footstep, and the charities being supported every mile along the way.


The group started the day in Maine, and ended their day in New Hampshire. Campus Ministry staff Sarah Catherine and Melissa spent part of the day with the walkers, but had to depart before crossing the state line.

"What was most striking about Wednesday was the generosity of people we encountered along the route," says student-leader Maggie Lynch. "We were able to find numerous places to refill our water, and a number of people came up to us to offer words of encouragement and donations for the charities."

After crossing into New Hampshire, the group arrived at their destination: St. Charles Children's Home in Rochester. Everyone was greeted with dinner and an ice cream bar provided by the nuns who run the home, followed by a visit to the Chapel and a dip in the swimming pool.

Road For Hope 2016


After waking up to a great breakfast, the group headed onto "roller coaster road," named for the many ups and downs, including Road For Hope's own "Heartbreak Hill." Lunch was provided by New England Pizza of Rochester (sub sandwiches were a "welcome break" from PB&J). Two charities were also on hand to speak to the walkers: Rochester Rec. Department and Kids Cafe.

The afternoon brought the walkers to St. Joseph's Parish in Northwood where the Knights of Columbus provided a dinner of Shepherd's Pie and a delicious cake for dessert.

Photo Update!

As promised, we have added more than 60 images "from the road" to our Flickr Gallery (embedded above in this post). Enjoy!

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