On The Road: Monday & Tuesday Update

Our Tuesday night update came via a phone call at 9 o'clock as a dance party was soon to break out in the St. Therese Gymnasium. Spirits remain high, and the group is excited to cross into New Hampshire today (Wednesday) as they are now more than halfway home. Photos from the road will return to campus today – and will be posted soon thereafter. Check back for updates!

Road For Hope 2016


Breakfast was provided by the Roy family, kicking off the longest day of walking – 18.5 miles. Although the day can be tough on the walkers, the group took advantage of their breaks for numerous dance parties, with music supplied from the trailing support vehicles.

Campus Ministry director Sue Gabert arrived to offer her support to the group, and spend the night with the walkers in Waterboro, Maine's Friendship Park – an aptly named venue for Road For Hope to pitch tents for their outside-overnight venue. Temperatures dipped into the 40's overnight, and participants awoke to hot coffee and cocoa that Sue had acquired at a nearby Dunkin Donuts.

Thanks to the Smith family for providing Monday night's dinner, and to the families of Zach Traver and Ashley Cryer for stopping by to support the group.


"Walking the Road For Hope, I really appreciate the positive attitude of my fellow walkers…Everyone understands the bigger picture of how important the Walk is for all the charities we support." Zach Traver '17


The shortest day of the walk – 11.5 miles took the group from their chilly overnight campsite, to lunch with the York County Shelter Program and Brothers of Christian Instruction. Participants remarked how impressive the operation of this group is, as they serve lunch to more than 400 individuals per day, while also operating various programs including an orchard and homeless shelter.

Sanford, Maine was the destination for Tuesday, home of St. Ignatius Parish. The Knights of Columbus provided dinner and a full spread of desserts. The big surprise of the night arrived with Kayla Patten's aunt and uncle, local Dairy Queen franchise owners. Ice cream treats were the perfect way to end a great meal.

A prayer group from St. Therese Parish offered the group a service, before the walkers wrapped up the night with a dance party followed by a well-deserved night of rest.


"Road For Hope has given me a new perspective on 'being Anselmian.' Yes, we are called to be active members in our community, but this walk is more than that. We touch lives we never knew we could touch. We make unbreakable bonds with one another and create friendships that will last a lifetime. All of us are many people striving to become more than just ourselves…We become true Anselmians." Kathryn Gabert '19

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