Why I Walk: Beth Gabert '17

My name is Beth Gabert and I am majoring in Social Work with a minor is Sociology. This will be my second and final Road for Hope and I can’t think of a better way to start my senior year at Saint Anselm.

Beth Gabert '17I transferred to Saint Anselm my sophomore year and participating in Road for Hope after my first year at a new school helped me grow in more ways than I thought it would. Not only did I gain friends from the experience but I learned valuable lessons which I will take with me this year as a walk along the road and in the years to come as I walk through the rest of my life.

The most important lesson I learned while participating in Road for Hope last year is that the walk is not about the destination it’s about the journey.

When I decided to participate last year my reasoning was that I wanted to conquer it. I wanted to complete all 130 miles and to finish the walk just to finish it. I was so dead set on walking every mile, but ironically enough that didn’t happen.

About halfway through our eight day journey my feet became injured enough that I had to sit out for the rest of the walk. Because I was so focused on finishing, this was devastating. I felt like everything I had come to do was being ruined by something as silly as a foot injury.

Having to sit out was probably the best thing that happened to me that week. Being injured showed me that Road for Hope isn’t about walking 130 miles to just complete it. Road for hope is a journey and a pilgrimage. It is a journey we take together as individuals and as a team to find ourselves spiritually, to grow in community with one another, to be connected to something greater than ourselves, and to bring awareness to nine deserving charities.

This year I am simply walking for the journey. I’m walking to see where the road takes me.

My main focus will be on the charities and on the experience of it all. Truly engaging in Road for Hope is so much more important than finishing it. Learning this simple lesson “it’s about the journey not the destination” has brought so much clarity to my life.

I know that as I continue on my journey beyond Saint Anselm I will always remember this lesson: you don’t always have to walk to get somewhere sometimes you have to walk to find out where you’re going.

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