Why I Walk: Haley Mount '15

Hey everyone! My name is Haley Mount; I am a rising senior and this will be my third year making the journey from Lewiston, Maine to the Saint A’s hilltop. As a sophomore I decided to try Road For Hope after hearing about it during freshmen orientation. In all honesty I had no clue what I was getting myself into. All I knew was there would be a lot of walking for 9 great causes.

2013 Road for Hope participants arrive on campusAs my third and final walk approaches my understanding of Road For Hope has changed. For starters we no longer are walking for 9 great causes but for 10. Additionally though I now see Road For Hope as more then a walk. I see it as a journey, both physically and mentally.

I walk because I truly believe that every footstep makes a difference. From the first footstep to the last a change is occurring, a difference is being made. For the 10 charities not only are we raising money but awareness as well. Long after we are back on campus and going to class 30 some odd students will still remember the 10 charities we walked for and will be able to spread awareness about them. Even after we are back on campus the money we raised for these charities will continue to make a difference.

Individually I believe that every footstep makes a difference. It is pretty obvious that Road For Hope is a physically challenging walk. 130 miles in 8 days just isn’t something a human body is use to. A physical difference is apparent in walkers, just look at their feet! What I think a lot of people don’t see is the mental transformation that occurs in walkers.

From the first day to the last a walker goes on a journey. Through conversations with fellow walkers not only does one learn about others but they learn about themselves as well. In my days walking Road For Hope I have talked about my fears, my hopes, my strengths and my weaknesses. On Road For Hope not only did I explore the 130 miles between Lewiston, Maine and Saint Anselm College but I explored my beliefs and values as well.

When walking 130 miles many footsteps are taken and each is as important as the last. Each footstep carries with it new discoveries. When walking Road For Hope every footstep makes a difference.

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