115 miles down, 15 To Go! Show Your Support Saturday

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time, over 115 (of 130) miles walked, over $18,000 raised, countless lives touched by the Road For Hope. Please join us in welcoming them home! Our 35 Road for Hope walkers will return to campus Saturday August 31 at 1:30 p.m. at the main entrance of the college.

Please join us cheering them on and celebrating their tremendous accomplishment!

We ask for your prayers for these participants, for the physical nature of the walk that has left them blistered and bandaged, for the communities for which they have served through raising over $18,000 for 10 charities in Maine and New Hampshire, and for their hearts that have changed over these 130 miles on pilgrimage.

We ask for your support of these participants. Many times participants come back from these trips overwhelmed by their experience. Please ask them about their week on the road!

On behalf of the walkers and the entire Campus Ministry staff; I thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support.

  • The Cote's

    We loved welcoming them to lunch in Gil's parking lot on the side of the road in Maine on Wednesday. Many in pain, with blistered feet and sore backs, but everyone one of them was smiling, and couldn't thank US enough for providing lunch. How incredibly polite! How ironic too! It was a small token of OUR appreciation for the tremendous work they've accomplished this week. Proud to have sent our son to St. A's! Thrilled that St. A's has provided so many opportunities to help him (and all the other young men and women) grow! See you tomorrow RFH walkers!!!!
    The Cote's

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