Monday Photo Update

The walk continues under sunny skies this afternoon, following a little bit of rain this morning. Spirits (and energy levels) remain high as the group passes the 50 miles walked mark this afternoon, en route to East Waterboro, ME where they will overnight Monday into Tuesday. Sunday night was spent at the Roy's house in Standish – a stop where Anselmian hospitality is always appreciated early in the walk. We'll be on the road with the walkers Tuesday afternoon, and look forward to bringing you a more detailed mid-week, mid-walk update!

  • Pam from PRC

    Hi Cory and fellow walkers I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at St Ignatious gym for dinner I know you are probably looking forward to the showers and camaraderie, as well as the great food that the congregation makes on behalf of the Sanford Community. I had hoped to have a couple visitors come to see me at PRC but I will not be able to do so if I do not hear from you to make the arrangements!! OOPS please email me privately at so at least I can line up the time to meet you all at St Ignatious and maybe do a tour of the PRC for a few walkers.
    Look forward to
    hearing from you