Starting Off On a Hopeful Foot!

It has often been said that "a journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step."  Fortunately, the Road for Hope is not quite that long, but at 130 miles over 10 days, it is plenty long enough!  This afternoon, our intrepid group of 37 walkers took the first step in their journey…by stepping onto the bus driving them to their starting point in Lewiston, Maine.  With backpacks full of belongings and hearts full of hope, the walkers brimmed with excitement and enthusiasm that will power them on their long journey.

Like the pilgrims of yesteryear, walkers on the Road for Hope are journeying for a greater purpose.  Together, these dedicated, committed students raised more than $18,000 for 10 local charities, providing an impactful infusion of support for these organizations' operating budgets.  Talk about walking the walk!

As our walkers go forth on their pilgrimage, then, we pray that their journey is safe, blessed, and full of good conversation, reflection, friendship, and fun.  Walk on!