Why I Walk: Leanne D'Entremont '13

Forty other individuals and I walked 130 miles; each step taken to serve others. Along this journey some days were harder than others, but we marched on. Although our feet were filled with blisters, we marched on. Some of us never imagined taking a journey like this, but we found the will within ourselves each day.  With each step taken, stories were shared and new friends were made; bonds were formed that could never be broken.  The day we walked onto Saint Anselm College, tears filled our eyes with joy and also sadness with the realization that the week was over; however, our journey was not over.  Today each individual now marches on their own with a new outlook on life and the person they are, because of these 130 miles.

Leanne D'Entremont '13Hello! My name is Leanne D’Entremont; I am a rising senior and this will be my third year walking the Road for Hope. As a sophomore I decided to do Road for Hope with the desire of learning more about myself and my role in the Saint Anselm College community.  However, I got much more out of the experience: I grew physically, mentally, and spiritually. The walk was a physical challenge; however, I learned what was possible with my faith and my peers. I grew mentally as I saw service in a new light; Road for Hope showed me the pain in the world and inspired me to do something about it. I grew spiritually as I learned what challenges I could overcome, as well as my calling to serve others. Road for Hope helped me to see the true meaning behind each step we take, and continue to march on each and every day of my life.

My favorite part about Road for Hope is the unity found within this unique experience. Unity can be seen in many dimensions through this program, whether it is the unity amongst the walkers or the unity formed with the nine charities we walk for.

Road for hope is a physically enduring journey; however, what helps each walker to overcome each hill, blister, and sore muscle is the support from the group. Every walker is united as we help each other overcome these struggles; whether it be through a simple story, words of advice, or singing a song as loud as we can!

Unity is also seen amongst the nine different charities we fundraise the money for: Birthline/Catholic Charities, Community Concepts, Good Shepherd Food Bank, Sanford Parent Resource Center , St. Charles Children’s Home, Rochester Recreation Arena and Youth Services, Candia Moore School Drug Awareness Program, Kids’ Café, and Upreach Therapeutic Riding Center. Through-out the week, members from these charities come and speak with us, pray with us, and even provide us with meals.  The money that Road for Hope fundraises provides much of the funding for these charities. As we learn about the charities throughout the week, the union that forms with every walker to each charity is unique. Each step is dedicated to these charities that touch the walker’s life.

As a leader this year, I am more than excited to start the preparation for this journey. Road for Hope is such a unique experience and I am excited for each walker to to grow throughout the journey. This summer will be filled with much preparation in training and fundraising; however, each dollar and step is worth it. I am looking forward to another great year of Road for hope and I hope you are too!

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