February 2017 Progress Update

February 20, 2017 · Filed Under Announcements, Redesign · Comment 

We are pleased to report that we remain on target with our project timeline, continuing to work closely with Boston Interactive as well as campus constituents to move into the next phase this Spring: the technical development and implementation of the Drupal 8 Content Management System (CMS) in order to build the website, and migration of content to the new site. Our launch is still projected for July/August 2017.

As we move closer to that time, here is some further information on how the content migration process will work, how your departments may prepare and what to expect:

  • College Communications & Marketing (CCM) has begun to build current content in the new templates, and the content will then be migrated to the new site on the staging server in May and early June. No action is required from departments for this- we will move your pages for you in general. During this time up until the live launch, our “old” site will continue to function as usual. However, as you make changes to your web content this spring, we encourage you to keep track of your changes (CMS page IDs) to ensure we migrate the latest content. Also, we kindly ask you to review your documents in the CMS assets and let Dyan Ciccone know which ones can be deleted. Dyan will be reaching out to individual departments to check in and to assist if necessary. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her directly at dciccone@anselm.edu or x6184 if you would like to meet with her to discuss your needs and goals. We encourage those of you in particular with special content that will need to be live for at the start of the Academic Year in August to think ahead as much as possible!
  • In late June, in order to facilitate the start of the launch, a two day content freeze will occur. During this time NO changes will be able to be made to the website. We will be sure to notify the community prior to the freeze.
  • After all current content is migrated, you will have the opportunity to review and sign off on your content on the staging server and/or the live site. Dyan will be reaching out to individual departments in order to facilitate this process. We anticipate that some migration and these reviews will be ongoing BOTH before and after the live launch of the site in August, as is typical of most redesign projects with multiple priorities and sections. We realize that summer may be a difficult time for some departments; we will not schedule you to review content at times that are inconvenient or when your staff are not able to work with us.
  • Drupal CMS Training sessions for campus users will be held beginning in the Fall and throughout the academic year. Over the course of the launch in July/August and beyond, CCM will continue to provide support for users. We realize that the Drupal CMS system will be new to all, and we are committed to assisting you to ensure that your content is accurate and up to date during this transition, and to working with you long term to help you to maximize the potential of your individual pages and sections!

As a final update, we are also excited to have begun work in January on the Saint Anselm Abbey microsite. This site will be linked to and affiliated with the main anselm.edu website, but will provide the Abbey with a unique digital space of their own. We anticipate launching this site in late Spring.

We look forward to being in touch with further updates as we progress, and once again thank the entire Anselmian community for your support and assistance.

October 2016 Progress Update

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At this time, we are very pleased to report that we are on target with our project timeline. Since kick off in May, we have worked closely with Boston Interactive as well as campus constituents to achieve the following milestones:

  • Project Planning and Kick Off (May/June)
  • Research (June/July)
    • Including User Research Stakeholder Interviews, Analytics Review and Competitor Analysis Review
  • User Experience Design (August/September/October)
    • Including Persona/Journey Creation, User Stories/Flow, UX Workshops, Site Map Creation, and Wireframe Creation
  • Visual Design (September/October)
    • Including Creative Consultation, Mood Board Creation, and Visual Design of Homepage

Over the coming months, we will be continuing Visual Design work and begin moving into the Development phase. This will include the development of our new Content Management System, Drupal, as well as content migration to the new site and continued quality and user testing in preparation for launch in June/July 2017.

We will continue to reach out to individual departments with regard to content migration, and will be scheduling CMS training in the spring for all web users.

Our thanks to the entire Steering Committee for their time and commitment to this project, as well as to the CCM team for their hard work. Lastly, thank you to all of the faculty, staff and students who have participated and provided us with feedback to maintain our forward momentum and work towards a website that will serve our entire community.

Redesign 2016

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The Saint Anselm College website will be undergoing a redesign in 2016-2017 to improve its functionality, accessibility, design, and organization. The new site will incorporate mobile-responsive design, and will also:

  • Reflect the vitality and mission of Saint Anselm College,
  • Express the college’s character and identity,
  • Incorporate best practices in Web technology and usability,
  • Allow the college’s Web presence to grow with the institution as part of a college-wide digital ecosystem.

Please review this website for details about the redesign project. More information will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Michelle Adams O’Regan
Executive Director
College Communications and Marketing