2017 Eastern Psychological Association Presentations from Psychology Students and Faculty

  • Celeste Beaulieu (Psychology, '17) & Elizabeth Rickenbach, PhD, False Memories Of Health Symptoms In Older Adult
  • Mary Mullen (Psychology, '17) & Elizabeth Ossoff, PhD, The Impact Of Violent Video Games On Reward Allocation
  • Maddison Pirner (Psychology, '17) , Ashley Motta , Alexa Rodriguez, Julianne Cary, Emily Bovier (State University Of New York Oswego), Adam Wenzel, Phd, Laterality Of Olfactory Recognition And Pleasantness
  • Elizabeth Gallagher (Psychology, '17) & Elizabeth Rickenbach, Phd, Perceptions Of Couplehood Among Community Dwelling Spousal Caregiver
  • Mary Catherine Lavallee (Psychology, '17) & Joseph Troisi II, PhD, Conditional Control Among Odor Cues And Drug States In Rats
  • Noelle Michaud (Psychology, '17) & Joseph R. Troisi II, PhD, Operant And Pavlovian Conflicting Contingencies Under Stimulus Control By Nicotine
  • Paul Viscione (Psychology, '17) & Maria Mckenna, PhD, Effects Of Popular Music Genres And Personality On Cognitive Processing And Mood
  • Megan Kiley (Biology) & Joseph Troisi II, PhD The Effects Of Nicotine On Schedule Induced Polydipsia With And Without Alcohol
  • Marissa Ashton (Natural Science) & Joseph Troisi, PhD, Discriminative Stimulus Effects Of Nicotine And Caffeine Compound In Rats: Configural Learning

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