Blessing of the Thanksgiving Baskets

An ornament in a donated basket: "Give Thanks"

Today, the Saint Anselm community came together as it does this time every year to donate and bless Thanksgiving dinner baskets for families in the Manchester area. A total of 114 baskets were donated and will be delivered to families through the Greater Manchester AIDS Project and Catholic Charities of New Hampshire. As president of the college, I was honored to speak at the blessing ceremony in the Abbey Church. Below is the complete text of my speech.

Today we give thanks to the community we call home. It is truly a blessing to be part of a family that keeps us ever mindful of those less fortunate. Thanks to each of you for your generosity and care for others. And so it is…

  • With gratitude that we give thanks for the blessings God has granted us.
  • With respect that we honor those who came before us: the founders of our college; the founders of our country; the founders of our faith.
  • With grace that we are faithful to the poor that they may be comforted and nourished in every way possible
  • With thanks for our families at home and on campus, that we may find peace in all that we do.
  • With love that we honor those who are no longer with us.
  • With happiness that we celebrate good health.
  • And with hope that we look toward the future.

With all of these things in our minds and hearts, we thank God for his blessings now and forever.


  • Ivan Hamlin

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