A Day With "The Donald"

Jim Brett, Donald Trump and Steven DiSalvo

On Tuesday, we hosted some 300 guests for “Politics & Eggs” with Donald Trump in the College’s dining hall. If you haven’t had a chance to watch his remarks, I encourage you to do so on the College’s website.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Trump on several occasions while I was running the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation. We were fortunate to hold several charity events at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester.

I would frequently reach out to Mr. Trump and invite him to other charity events in the city. He graciously accepted more than his share of celebrity guest appearances.

During my time with the Torre foundation, not only did I get to know Mr. Trump himself, but also his team. When I heard that he had expressed interest in coming back to New Hampshire for an event, it was easy to reach out and convince him to make the trip to the Hilltop.

Politics & Eggs is offered as a forum to engage current and former politicos in dialogue about contemporary issues in politics and comment on the national political landscape. In hosting Mr. Trump, our audience heard thoughts on the Romney campaign, Governor Christie and foreign affairs.

In the end, the surprise was that no one asked about aspirations for 2014, 2016 and beyond.

As an education institution, it is our duty to invite speakers to campus who stimulate the minds of our young people and engage them in a way that helps them grow both academically and socially. This event provided our students with a unique opportunity to meet with one of the most influential minds in politics, and perhaps the world.

After breakfast, I was fortunate to spend some time walking the halls of the NHIOP with Mr. Trump. Passing by snapshots of New Hampshire political history, our walk concluded in a room full of some of Saint Anselm’s leading political aspirants.

I thanked Mr. Trump for his hospitality. No request from a student with an iPhone went unfulfilled. There were no handlers and no off-limit topics.

Events like this provide greater visibility to our campus, our academic programs, our alumni and our students.

On his way out, Mr. Trump stopped one more time alongside a display case full of campaign memorabilia. He pointed to a 2000 Trump for President button. “Now that’s a good one!”

As Saint Anselm and the NHIOP are New Hampshire’s home for politics, I look forward to collecting many a campaign button at events like Politics & Eggs over the coming months.

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