Richard Meelia '71, Kevin J. Gould '76, and Daniel Flatley know how important it is for new graduates to have professional internships on their resumes when they compete for desirable jobs in their fields. They also know that the costs associated with commuting to an internship can be a deterrent. It's a problem they have come together to solve, and thanks to their generosity, more Saint Anselm College students are motivated to seek internships and gain valuable job preparation.

College Trustees Richard Meelia ’71, Daniel Flatley and Kevin J. Gould ’76 greet students with President DiSalvo at the Professional Development Initiative’s first annual forum in AprilThe three college trustees recently funded the Professional Development Initiative (PDI), which has granted individual fellowships to more than 50 students so far. The fellowships provide a maximum of $1,200 to defray the costs of travel, parking, and other needs.

“We want to help because we see the benefit of internships,” Meelia says. “Students gain valuable experience in the work environment, and hopefully, this leads to a job.”

“Getting a college degree is terriffic,” Gould adds, “but with the cost of college, parents want to know their children will have access to jobs when they graduate.”

The internships are in the financial services sector, manufacturing, technology, health care, and entertainment. Andrew Vogl ’18 worked for Northstar Financial Planning, researching stocks, bonds and mutual funds and sitting in on client meetings. “The fellowship gave me the ability to purchase work attire and helped a ton with gas money,” he says. His goal is to become a hedge fund manager or run his own venture capitalist firm.

Rachel Henderson ’17, a business and finance major from Ohio, is one of the students helping to promote and administer the PDI. “All the students expressed their gratitude and told me how this helped them gain professional experience that will position them for job opportunities,” she says.

Another student co-director, accounting and finance major, JJ Courtney ’17 says the PDI “really opened my eyes to see how important internships are. I’m happy students can to make a name for themselves and our school at companies throughout New England.”