Peter Cordella: Criminal Justice

Professor Peter CordellaPeter Cordella | Professor, Department Chair | Ph.D., Boston University

“The liberal arts backdrop at Saint Anselm provides a fuller understanding of criminal justice issues.”

Is Criminal Justice (CJ) the

Jaime Orrego: Modern Languages

Associate Professor Jaime OrregoJaime Orrego | Associate Professor | Ph.D., University of Iowa

“ Learning another language builds understanding and diversity, which helps create a just society.”

Why should someone learn another language?

Dianna Gahlsdorf Terrell: Education

Dianna Gahlsdorf TerrellDianna Gahlsdorf Terrell | Associate Professor | Ph.D., Boston College

“ Good teachers encourage an exchange of ideas.”

Who do you think should teach?

It takes a special type of …

Nicole Eyet, Chemistry

Chemistry professor Dr. Nicole Eyet presents evidence for the value of science in the liberal arts and in life.…

Rev. Benedict M. Guevin, O.S.B. ’76, Theology

Rev. Benedict M. Guevin, O.S.B. ’76 talks about the common good and human drama.…

Max Latona, Philosophy

The philosophy professor talks about asking the big questions.…

Caryn (Seifert) Sheehan ’94, Nursing

The nursing professor talks about patient care, teaching, and working for fun.…

Tauna Sisco, Sociology

The sociology professor talks about politics, homelessness and fun with statistics.…

Matthew Masur, History

The history professor talks about Chinese emperors, Indian food, and a campus encounter with a TV comedian.…

Kimberly Kersey Asbury, Fine Arts

The Fine Arts professor talks about landscape painting, artistic careers, and the Kalahari Desert.…