The Mysteries to be Lived: Journey of Christian Initiation

Deep discussions in philosophy class; walking 17 miles a day with blistered feet to raise money for charity; praying together at Wednesday night Mass — just a day in the …

The Mysteries to Be Lived: Journey of Christian Initiation

Anselmians Abroad

Quick: What are the last two words of the Saint Anselm College mission statement? Give up? Join the rest of us. But if by some change you would have guessed …

Anselmians Abroad

FAITH IN THE FUTURE | The Strategic Plan for Saint Anselm College

"The future of Saint Anselm College is bright, but not without challenges. We must recognize our place among some of the best liberal arts college in the country and see …

Faith in the Future: The Strategic Plan of Saint Anselm College


College Trustees Richard Meelia ’71, Daniel Flatley and Kevin J. Gould ’76 greet students with President DiSalvo at the Professional Development Initiative’s first annual forum in April


Richard Meelia '71, Kevin J. Gould '76, and Daniel Flatley know how important it is for new graduates to have professional internships on their resumes when they compete for desirable jobs in their fields. They also know that the costs associated with commuting to an internship can be a deterrent. … [Read More...]

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. McNeil '46 break ground at the site of the new college entrance

Gateway to Excellence

The imposing, ivy-draped façade of Alumni Hall is one of Saint Anselm College’s most distinctive and memorable features. However, for many years, visitors were only able to catch a glimpse of it as they drove into campus. The main entrance swept around the corner, past the Abbey Church, rather than … [Read More...]

Timothy and Stephanie Hubbard, both Class of 2008

Next Generation Leadership: Young Alumni Stay Connected with New President's Society Giving Levels

College years are a cherished memory for many Anselmians. As time goes by, they keep in touch with friends who became family during their four years together, and even return to the Hilltop for Reunions to spend time with monks and faculty members. However, in those first years post-graduation, … [Read More...]