An "All-Access-Pass" to the Debates and the College

Student Stand In RehearsalThe day before the debates — best described as controlled chaos unfolded on the campus of Saint Anselm College today. I began my day at about 6 o'clock Friday morning on the corner of the …

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Ron Paul Was In My Humanities Class

"Mr. Romney, please look at Mr. Giuliani," resounded a god-like voice throughout the Saint Anselm College Koonz Theater. Hillary Clinton stood illuminated backstage by a floor light in front of her, and Charles Gibson made …

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Greg Wallace '10

Gregory Wallace '10, The New Barack Obama

Student Debate StandinsGregory Wallace, a sophomore politics major at Saint Anselm College, finds himself taking on a brand new role; that of playing presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama. As ABC continues to prepare for the candidates' arrival, …

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Fox News Graphic

Primary Preparations: Cold Temps Result in Flurry of Action

Inside the Fox Box (Facing Goulet Science)A bone chilling wind is cutting through the single-digit temps on the campus of Saint Anselm College today, all while work continues at a heightened pace to prepare for the pending live broadcasts of Fox …

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Fox News on the Quad

More Than Snow Covers Campus

Rear View of Fox Box on Quad Looking West Toward Alumni HallThe Fox Box appeared on the Saint Anselm College Quad as students were finishing their finals last semester. As I left school not much had changed. However, when I returned a few days ago the …

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A Semester in Paris

Lauren Weybrew '08, a frequent blogger and podcaster on this site, studied abroad in Paris, France during her spring 2007 semester. During her five months in Paris, she blogged about her experiences for our …

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Student on Fox

Fox News Arrives on Campus

Student on FoxExactly one month before voters head to the polls for the New Hampshire Primary, the college had its first taste of the pending Primary excitement roll onto campus about an hour before the first final …

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Alumni Hall Winter

Saint Anselm to Host ABC Debates Jan. 5

Alumni Hall WinterSaint Anselm College will host the final presidential primary debates before the New Hampshire primary, Father Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., college president, has announced.On Saturday, January 5, ABC News, WMUR-TV, and the social networking site, …

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Student Mock Primary Makes Obama, Romney Winners

Watch the WBZ-TV Mock Primary VideoIf Saint Anselm students were to choose the parties' presidential contenders, the 2008 race would be between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. That was the result of a campus-wide mock primary that drew 562 student …

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Elizabeth Edwards Visits Bloggers at the NHIOP

Elizabeth Edwards and Lauren Chooljian '10On a crisp November morning, bloggers from across the region convened at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics for a conversation with Elizabeth Edwards. As a long time blogger and the wife of Democratic presidential …

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