Sen. John McCain

Raising McCain

A chill went through my being as John Rich’s new song, “Raising McCain,” serenaded the Xcel Energy Center, while John and Cindy McCain stood waiving to a cheering crowd while being covered in waves of …

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Republicans Get Their Groove Back

The Republicans Find Their Groove (and a Few Good Women)

Republican National ConventionDuring these two weeks I have discovered that as political parties, the Democrats and Republicans are simply incomparable. At least this cycle, the Republicans are the poorer sibling. The Republicans have much less money, their …

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Karl Rove

Forgetting Myself

Karl RoveMy wife Rachel is a tremendous centering force in my life. I need her just now.

My former student, Tom DeRosa, called me last night to ask if I would speak this morning at the …

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Sen. Joe Lieberman

When Did Blue Become Red?

I’m glad I’ve got tenure, because I am beginning to wonder if I have ever understood American politics. This two-week immersion into Presidential Campaigns and Conventions is completely altering my understanding of the two parties.…

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The Republicans Find Their Pulse

Blogging is a different form of journalism, if it can be called journalism at all. 

As many have you pointed out, there was a lot of news yesterday and it was undoubtedly an important day …

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Republican Convention

Slow Parade

Republican ConventionA wise person once said, “Be careful what you wish for.” After pining away for more than a week for an unscripted convention, today I got my wish, but it was not what I wanted.…

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Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful Imperfection

Beautiful ImperfectionPip Wilson penned the lyric and Fort Pastor wrote the song. The phrase “Beautiful Imperfection” seems to capture that for which I yearn as I turn my attention toward the Republican National Convention.

As I …

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Gov. Sarah Palin

Gender Matters

Helen Aguirre Ferre makes it look so easy.

Helen is a journalist with Univision and Diario Las Americas, and last week in Denver I watched her interview literally dozens of people about all aspects of …

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Gov. Sarah Palin

Doing Penance

I will no longer make sweeping negative generalizations about journalists and the media.

I confess I have a history of being critical of the media.

OK, I confess I have been really critical.

I find …

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I'm Going to Bed

It is 4:25 a.m. EST and the Republican VP hasn't yet been leaked.

Yet Govenror Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota gave the quote of the day when he accidentally referred to the Democratic VP Candidate from …

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